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A piece from the upcoming "Gyre," whose bill of events includes our bud Diedra. Photo courtesy of the Anchorage Museum.

News post – Stepping up to help Elisabeth Nickles, Diedra Krieger is Alaska-bound, L&R on WHYY Friday Arts, opportunities and more!

News As part of the unofficial artblog 10-year birthday tour of glory, Libby and Roberta are featured in a WHYY Friday Arts segment today!  You can check it out here. A friend of the artblog, artist Elisabeth Nickles is recovering from a disastrous studio fire, and we are doing our best to spread the word to help her out.  There’s a link on her blog for donations, and you can also help her clean up the remains. It’ll be grueling work, but it’s far more than one (or even two) people can handle. Those with heavy-duty extension cords, demo-saw, sledgehammers, etc and strong arms ... More » »

Elisabeth Nickles, Essence of the Sea, detail, Photo courtesy of PHL

Weekly Update – Elisabeth Nickles’ chicken of the sea and other delicious public art treats at Philly International and Septa

Known for her mournful, ancient-looking glass and bronze sculptures of animals and birds, Elisabeth Nickles’ new work at PHL is a big surprise—the pieces are bright-colored paper sculptures that capture the spirit of a tropical snorkeling adventure. The rosy, sandy, seaweed- and creature-filled world in four large Plexiglas museum cases perfectly captures what Nickles calls “the essence of the sea.”