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Emily Cobb, The Elk whose Antlers Wouldn't Stop Growing

Emily Cobb’s fairy tale-inspired jewelry at Philadelphia Art Alliance

IMAGINE AN ELK whose antlers sprawl upward and outward like a 10-story apartment building. Then imagine there are inhabitants of those antlers – birds and squirrels and people who built a child’s tree house and left it there. Now try to see yourself wearing “The Elk With Antlers That Never Stopped Growing,” a piece of 21st-century art jewelry that encircles your head and neck like a whimsical bramble bush. To witness this 3-D fairy-tale object and others equally fantastical, head to the Philadelphia Art Alliance for “Legends,” a show of visionary jewelry made by 25-year-old Emily Cobb, who designs her ... More » »

Too hot for JFK Plaza: Frank Rizzo in a custom Ishknits bikini, before its removal by security.

News post – Frank Rizzo’s yarn bikini, Saffron defends PSFS legacy, Jenny Lee Maas at the Thought Lot, opportunities and more!

News On Tuesday morning, Frank Rizzo’s statue at 15th and JFK got a richly symbolic – if short-lived – dressing-down by Ishknits aka Jessie Hemmons, Philadelphia’s resident yarnbomber. For approximately three minutes, Rizzo was clad in a hot pink bikini, causing much hilarity and consternation for passerby before security came out and removed it. Derive whatever political commentary you will from this, it got people’s attention, as a thong bikini on one of Philadelphia’s most polarizing politicians is wont to do. Hemmons has put a statement about the incident on her blog. In other street art news, Conrad Benner of Streets Dept raised ... More » »


Legends – Studio Jewelry by Emily Cobb at the Philadelphia Art Alliance

Four laboratory mice escaped Emily Cobb’s imagination, exited the lab with a rope held aloft by blue balloons, and turned into a neckpiece. The rope wraps around the wearer’s neck, and the balloons sit like a stand-up collar. Emily begins the mice’s story: Four mice unaccounted for. One wire cage destroyed. Several ripped lab gloves found on table. Window ajar. Visitors to her exhibition, Legends, are encouraged to complete the tale. She provides blank books for that purpose, one for each piece of her exquisite, miniature sculptural jewelry, on display at the Philadelphia Art Alliance through Dec. 10, 2012. Visitors ... More » »