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Marc Newson, Ford 021C Concept Car, 1999.  Check the snub nose and square lines - way ahead of its time!

February – Cold outside but hot inside, a belated First Friday photo post

First Friday started early for Libby and me with a trip to the Perelman Building at the PMA with Collab board president Vesna Todorovicz Sacks, who showed us the Collab 2013 Design Excellence Award show of Australian designer Marc Newson.  Not only is the work a delight — playful, colorful, sleek and clean, the design of the show itself is very cool.  Like an exploded 3D version of a model home, the show features a garage with a Ford Concept Car, a kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and bath–a highly engaging little pad to dream yourself into. The Australian designer, ... More » »

Erica Prince, in her studio, posing with a digital portrait that merges her features with those of her boyfriend.

Erica Prince’s cosmic thoughts and interest in mid-century modern – a podcast on artblog radio

Erica Prince talks here of her love of mid-century modern objects, many of which become raw material for her sculptural installations. The Canadian-born artist also talks about growing up with a xerox machine in her house when she was a kid and using it for art projects. Her interest in the cosmos also comes from her childhood, as you will hear in this podcast interview. Right click to download 13+-minute Erica Prince episode For more images of Erica Prince’s art, visit her website. And for images of Erica at our interview, check out Libby and Roberta’s flickr sets: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sokref1/sets/72157633019120798/show/ http://www.flickr.com/photos/libbyrosof/sets/72157633046854460/show/ ... More » »

Erica Prince, in her studio, posing with a digital portrait that merges her features with those of her boyfriend.

Erica Prince and interplanetary expansion – coming next on an artblog radio podcast

Like many artists Erica Prince wears a number of hats — she teaches at Tyler School of art, she works as a designer and she is a new Vox Populi member. Prince, who is Canadian, graduated from Tyler with an MFA in 2012. We met her at her studio in Fishtown on March 11, 2013. In this promo to our podcast she tells us about her cosmic musings.  Next week catch the full podcast. Prince_promo1 Right click to download Erica Prince 34-second clip.

Esther Ruiz, A Place in my Mind, 2012, poured concrete, argon tube, plexi

VOX VIII–the material unreal

Amid materials like peeled paint, silky concrete and shards of glass, the path through Vox VIII, Vox Populi‘s eighth annual juried show of emerging artists suggests a road forward for art, perhaps. At least, it seems to be the curators’ view of what that road is. Sculpture Center curator Ruba Katrib and artist Marlo Pascual assembled the group of 23 artists, including a mix of familiar faces and a number of surprises. This is a show in which sculpture, painting and video merge into multi-faceted approaches to one investigation of where dreams and reality can create a new world order. ... More » »

Aaron M. Fowler -  Ladies, detail

Painting rocks 2012 student shows

The two biggest surprises of the 2012 end-of-year student exhibits–lots of great painting, and an outstanding PAFA show. Although some great installations made us stand up and salute, there were fewer than in years past. We didn’t see much photography; we didn’t see a lot of impressive video.  Here’s a sampling of work we saw that we’re excited about. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts At PAFA we saw painting that renews and reinvents the medium. Aaron M. Fowler mixes fabulous texture, materials and mellow colors to capture crowd scenes from contemporary African American life. These paintings were our absolute ... More » »

Erica Prince, drawig from the Permission Granted Series

MFAs Erica Prince and Brandon Dean at Tyler

With clarity of thought and swell objects , work by Erica Prince and by Brandon Dean stood out in the first group of four solo MFA shows at Temple Art Gallery last week. Erica Prince, Other Ways of Being Prince is a big thinker–inventing new universes and new ways of life for new life forms in dreamy, poetic landscapes of bumps, tubes, and planet-like structures. The show Other Ways of Being includes both 3-D and 2-D works that give vent to imaginings that are both familiar enough to charm, unfamiliar enough to intrigue. Her central installation is a mirror rug ... More » »

PHASEscape installation @Crane Arts Grey Area

Weekly Update-Dark and light phases-Phasescape @Crane Arts Grey Area

With magical treasure maps, Stonehenge-like plinths and allusions to complex non-verbal systems, PHASEscape, a spare show of mostly abstract works, suggests a place out of time.  


Erica Prince, et al., Far In Far Out, FUEL Collection.

I’ve always wondered how those little fascinations of childhood— toys— one day make their way into fully-formed, grown-up culture-making. Action Figures. Blocks. Clay. Dollhouses. No one can convince me that those hands-on pieces of plastic were not, for me and every other child, objects of True Beauty. Just try to remember: standing in the aisles of the toystore, clutching the box of some Star Wars spacecraft, admiring its every last curve and sticker, in the thrall of your first true aesthetic experiences. Or, playing on the living room carpet, building up microfortresses out of God knows what, manipulating forms and ... More » »