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Mural Arts' Escaped Infrastructure.

News post – Farewell to artnet, new ICA director, Shaft at UArts, Fleisher Challenge winners, opportunities and more!

News In the media  – 1.  After sixteen years in the art world, pioneering internet art publication Artnet Magazine is ceasing its publishing operations due to financial problems; all three of the sites, and its editorial staffers (Walter Robinson, Rachel Corbett and Emily Nathan) are leaving. Roberta wrote the Philadelphia Story column for artnet from 2000-2005 and then occasionally after that. Find the full report here. 2.  Locally, Annette Monnier of One Review a Month is writing for City Paper–a terrific reason to read it! Annette was our sponsorship coordinator for a while and contributed some wonderful criticism to the site. Find ... More » »

A night on the town.

For real – Gabe Tiberino at Arch Enemy

For many who have grown up in and around Philly, South Street is the embodiment of youthful rebellion. Gabe Tiberino, however, had a head start on everyone who ever loitered in Repo Records or blew their allowance on spiked wristcuffs from Zipperhead in high school: the artist had his first show on South Street at age eight. Over a lifetime of exposure to the arts as a son of Philly’s most inimitable creative family, Tiberino has made a name for himself with murals that capture the feel of South Street and other Philly haunts, as well as portrayals of historical ... More » »

Interface Studio's 100K Houses. Courtesy of designwire.interiordesign.net.

News post – Social change at Drexel, Philly at PULSE, Second State scholarship, opportunities and more!

News Renowned graphic designer and UArts alum Craig Holden Feinberg is partnering with the Pearlstein Gallery for an exhibition on the social impact of design and imagery. The programming begins with Holden Feinberg’s two-day residency at Drexel University as a Rankin Scholar of the Graphic Design program.  On May 14, the Leonard Pearlstein Gallery begins an exhibition of Holden Feinberg’s work, displayed until Friday, June 8.  The opening reception on Friday, May 18 at 5 p.m. features a panel discussion on raising awareness of local and global social issues, as well as displays of Holden Feinberg’s shocking, funny and forceful design work. ... More » »