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Patti Smith's eerie installation for MoMA's "Rockaway!" series. Photo: Cait Munro.

News post – Betty Leacraft’s South Africa voyage, urban braille at Slought, MoMA’s Rockaways tribute, opportunities and more!

News   This weekend brings a new Slought presentation on land vacancy, with “turf tagging” by David Stephens as one of its remedies. His creations, using urban braille gardens to call attention to land vacancy in Philadelphia, form a large floor mantra (“act knowledge”). The exhibition features prototypes, templates and a mold for forming outdoor braille gardens; each template is in the shape of braille bumps and approximately six feet in width. They are accompanied by “Peel turf” (2013-2014), a series of wall constructions, which also use the same technique. The exhibition opens on Friday, July 25 from 6:30-8:30pm, with brief ... More » »


The 2013 Liberta Awards!

(Dear Folks, In case you haven’t heard, 2013 was the year artblog turned 10 years old! (See UC review article, Philly.com article, and Decade of artblog videos). Besides celebrating our own wonderfulness, we observed, as usual, the wonders of the artworld in Philadelphia. Paris, London, Berlin, Rome and many, many other places. Local highlight this year: The Reading Viaduct project, spearheaded in large part by artist and activist Sarah McEneaney got underway–Yay! The Hidden City Festival delivered amazing art in amazing wrecks of buildings, and CityWide gathered the alternative tribes together for shows, panels, performances and networking. Meanwhile, artblog got a ... More » »

Richard Ross, Juvenile In Justice, Harrison County Juvenile Detention Ctr, Biloxi, Mississippi, 2 2009

Juvenile In Justice at Crane Arts – Activist project raises issues about The System

Bring your hankies to the Crane when you go. Between now and Dec. 12, Richard Ross’s documentary photographs in the show  Juvenile In Justice, will wrap you in sadness and open your eyes to things you do not want to see or think about — children in tomb-like rooms, many of them looking like they are contemplating their own ends. Richard Ross’s project in the Icebox Ross’s heartbreaking photo project is about solitary confinement of children in the juvenile detention system.  The work is the anchor of a three-person show, also called Juvenile in Justice, spanning the first floor of Crane Arts. While ... More » »

Image: Yinka Shonibare. Planets in My Head, Philosophy, 2011.

News post – Shonibare at the Barnes, Al-Bustan grows their musical heritage, Cannes in a Van does Venice, Plummer-Suib-Marti collab, opportunities and more!

News If you were worried about what the Barnes Foundation’s contemporary art gallery would think of next, worry no more! They’ve chosen an  outstanding next exhibition, as well as a new commission, with Yinka Shonibare MBE: Magic Ladders running from January 25, 2014 through April 21, 2014. A British artist of Nigerian descent, Shonibare’s works in the exhibition include approximately 15 sculptures, paintings, photographs, and a room installation. This is his first major exhibition in Philadelphia, since his residency at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in 2004 and it includes a commission entitled Magic Ladders. A big news reveal from another local gallery, and it ... More » »

Contents of one of the 100 trash bags archived at the Icebox in Refuse Reuse: Language for a Common Landfill

The lost and found words of Refuse Reuse at the Crane Icebox

A hint of bleach wafted through the Icebox when I visited last Thursday night for the closing reception of Refuse Reuse: Language for the Common Landfill, a ten-day project organized by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney and featuring work by a host of volunteers. In this project, where people’s throwaways became fodder for creative writing, volunteers Chris Golas and Joe DiGiuseppi were the trash rustlers, wrangling black trashbags from Philadelphia streets (they made a video of their curbside pickups, which was projected on a pile of white trash bags).  And a host of artists, musicians and writers volunteered to create ... More » »

episode 12 safari

artblog Art Safari, Episode 12 – Philly Pickup Truck Expo at the Icebox

We got a sneak peek at the Philly Pickup Truck Exposition last Friday night, June 1, at Crane Arts. The one-night event was not until the next night, June 2, but the organizers graciously allowed us to crash their installation in progress. The Icebox was filled with the trucks, their hoods up, and with artists making installations for the flatbeds and cabs. The Expo was organized by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney, who saw the event as an opportunity to bring some people together, have fun, and show off their trucks (and art). In this 2.45 minute video we see ... More » »

Jennifer Williams, inkjet ink on Photo-tex paper (that's Murray in the foreground)

CONSTRUCT, from CFEVA, at the Ice Box

Big is what the Ice Box exhibition space requires. CONSTRUCT, CFEVA‘s show there, delivers the goods.

Judy Gelles and Linda Brenner, installation in Pentimenti's Project Space.  photo courtesy of the artists

First Friday – Pentimenti’s group show, Little Berlin’s funny performances and Uarts grads at the Icebox

Our itinerary covered many miles — from Old City to the deepest reaches of Kensington, so we needed the car.  We suppose you could bike it but we can’t.  What we saw generally tickled us.  The conversations were great and enlightening and below is a bunch of pictures with some running commentary. Pentimenti For the last couple summers, Pentimenti has mounted a group show based on an open call.  Reaching outside her comfort zone and current stable of artists, gallerist Christine Pfister has again this year rounded up a lively show.

Dan Schein, Inconsequential Times in Snowersville, oil on canvas

Weekly Update – A great big Woot! from Tyler’s graduating MFA’s

Maybe it’s spring or the waning recession, but Woot!, the group show at the Ice Box consisting of graduating MFAs from the Tyler School of Art, is a nice change from the art world’s current obsession with noir-ish nightmares. Or maybe it’s this particular class of students that makes this show so fun and friendly. With rambunctious works that explore everything from pop culture to current events and personal material, the 22 artists in this student-organized and faculty-judged exhibit are explorers at play. In some cases, the works are tinged with a little anger and irony, but the good news is that this show ... More » »

Robert Smythe as flea circus meister in Troupe de Fetishe at the Icebox

Weekly Update – Bring on the fleas, in Troupe de Fetishe

A macroscopic look at the microscopic world, Troupe de Fetishe, a video installation involving a tiny flea circus projected onto the 100-foot-long, 25-foot-high east wall of the Icebox at Crane Arts, is just the latest in a string of entomological art that’s been exhibited in Philly.** Right now you can also see Jennifer Angus’ miniature Victorian sitting rooms that utilize insect carcasses in patterns adorning wallpaper (currently up at the Philadelphia Art Alliance)

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