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Sharyn O'Mara, Victim Impact Statement, video installation

Eastern State Penitentiary shines–the prison, not necessarily the art

In the years since Eastern State Penitentiary began showing art, the Penitentiary itself has buffed up with audio tours, signage, rehabilitated spaces that look as good (or bad) as new, and enough safety so a hard-hat is no longer required to protect the heads of tourists from falling debris.

Weekly Update: Air Kissing your way to success in the art world

This week’s Weekly has my review of Air Kissing at Arcadia University Art Gallery. Below is the copy with some photos. More pictures at flickr. Kalup Linzy’s video is a soap opera send up of the art world. It’s greaaaat! Biting the hand that feeds you is often a winning strategy in the art world. Art that pokes fun at museums, galleries, schools and the art market—insider’s art—can get you into a show or a collection. A product of postmodernism’s love of irony and navel-gazing, communistically self-critical art has great appeal to those in the field who appreciate a little ... More » »