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Sungho Choi, Model for My America, 1993

Infinite Mirror – Images of American Identity at the James A. Michener Art Museum

–In her review of the new show at the Michener, Jennifer talks about the iconography and shifting, multi-faceted identity of America and Americans.–the artblog editors————————>Images of a Chicana woman and a wheelchair-bound grandmother hang on the gallery walls adjacent to a young, white Rockabilly family. Nearby, Doris Bittar’s oil on linen, Camo-Flag 1 marries stars and stripes patterns with Islamic abstraction. Facing all of these works, from across the gallery, is the the visage of the great African-American artist, Elizabeth Catlett-Mora. Infinite Mirror: Images of American Identity, currently on view at the Michener Art Museum in Doylestown, is an exhibition ... More » »

Talia Greene

On time, process and the eternal – Talia Greene, Jennifer Greenburg and Anne Massoni at the Print Center

Three photographers who won the 86th Annual Photography Competition at the The Print Center each currently has their own solo show at the Center. The works by Talia Greene, Jennifer Greenburg and Anne Massoni  share interesting and unintended similarities: they all utilize found, black-and-white photography and combine the photos with contemporary technologies and thinking to ultimately purvey an eerie timeless aura. Talia Greene converted the first floor of The Print Center into a beehive. For apiphobic- or melissophobic-viewers (afraid of bees), this installation could be a horrifying experience. The honeycomb wallpaper Greene created digitally is made up of tiny images of ... More » »