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Floria Gonzalez, "We'll be ok/vamos a estar bien." Digital photography on cotton. Courtesy of Magrorocca, Milan and PINTA.

News post – Obama re-elected, Patricia Goodrich all over the world, Theodore Harris at AAI, opportunities and more!

News The dust and dollars of the election season have finally settled, with victory for President Obama and high hopes for the next four years. If you’re looking to read up on the implications of his win for the art world, take a look at some stats on his positions on the arts, courtesy of Art League. Relief for Hurricane Sandy’s victims continues, especially in the battered arts community of New York. Among the organizations that have intervened to provide assistance, PINTA, which honors ­Latin American art with an annual art fair, has converted this year’s Art Fair (November 15 to 18, ... More » »

Open Bedroom, one corner.

The eclectic, open-ended world of Jeremy Deller at the Penn ICA

Jeremy Deller’s Joy in People, an interactive exhibition including film, music, photography, installation, and lots and lots of banners, is a fantastic example of self-contained environment as art experience. Mounted by the Institute of Contemporary Art, this show could easily and enjoyably occupy several hours with the wide range of material presented. In the largest room, there’s a recreation of a Manchester tea shop giving away free cups of tea, with museum staff serving patrons, while telling them that this tea shop was actually a float in a Manchester parade Deller organized. Elsewhere, a reading table sits with vintage copies of NME containing articles ... More » »

A sign of the times, seen on North Miami Avenue and 30th St., near Art Miami, Red Dot, etc. ...

Art Basel Miami Beach 2010: part 1

On this year’s trip to Miami I took it easy, concentrating on the main event, Art Basel Miami Beach (ABMB), and ignoring 16 other fairs and endless installations, events, museum exhibitions, private collections, a video lounge, film showings, ….  In about six hours spread over two days I saw perhaps a third of it, so this is a limited view of a limited view.  Missed the opening and associated events, but on Friday and Saturday I still managed to site John Baldessari and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s director, Thomas Campbell; I thought it brave for a scholar of Renaissance ... More » »

A Philadelphia hansom cab passes behind this car destroyed by a bomb in Baghdad.

Iraq conversation without Jeremy Deller

I pretended I was a tourist as I approached the rusty hulk of an exploded car parked on a flatbed towed by an RV. They were parked in front of the National Constitution Center, across from Independence Mall. The RV was labeled with a web site, www.conversationsaboutiraq.org, and “It is What it is.”