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Red Grooms' "Philadelphia Cornucopia."

News post – Nathaniel Popkin’s new novel, act to save a Red Grooms treasure, Duct Tape Murals by Joe Girandola, opportunities and more!

News Our very own Elizabeth Johnson is curator of EDGE VS LINE at Lafayette College, a celebration of what happens when Edge (a sculptural term) meets Line (a term associated with flat art forms). The show features seven Lehigh Valley and two Brooklyn artists, including Dave Henderson, shown above, and closes today, so get there quickly to see it before it’s gone. After about five years of arduous work, Hidden City chronicler Nathaniel Popkin is about to welcome his first novel, Lion and Leopard, into the world. Published this fall by The Head and The Hand Press, the book is ... More » »

Joe Girandola, "I Drop Bombs...help is on the way," 2012. Duct tape on canvas.

West Collects at City Hall – a storied initiative comes to the heart of Philly

It’s a different kind of silence than the refined quiet of an art gallery. Here at City Hall, the gentle ‘tap-tap’ of keyboards and the quiet shuffle of feet hurrying across carpeted floors reminds you, even as you take in Mark Stockton’s ludicrous charcoal portrait of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Tim Portlock’s hellish depiction of Philadelphia’s badlands, that you’re in the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy. Though I felt at first inhibited, I then reminded myself that the display of work by the Philadelphia artists chosen for the West Collection exemplifies the OACCE’s mission of furthering the arts ... More » »


News post – Conversations with Andy, BlackStar Film Fest, goodbye to Joe Girandola, opportunities and more!

News This just in from Madelyn Roehrig, a friend of ours in Pittsburgh. Her project Conversations with Andy is being featured Monday on NPR’s Morning Edition!  The story, part of NPR’s summer road trip series, Dead Stop,  is airing Monday, Aug 6, Andy Warhol’s birthday. As a tribute to her subject, and to the other artistic spirits buried in the Green River Cemetery on Long Island, Madelyn plans on listening from Andy’s grave with some other folks while celebrating the artist’s birthday. Sad news: Part Time Studios becomes the latest Frankford Ave. staple of the last few years to close. Their final opening is ... More » »

Detail from Yarnbombing 101 at City Hall Gallery

News – Yarnbombing City Hall, skee-ball at Haverford College, and much more!

Post by Chip Schwartz and Alyssa Greenberg News Bombs Away! Art in City Hall got yarnbombed — officially — as part of FiberPhiladelphia2012. Philadelphia Yarnbombing 101, Jessie Hemmons’ and team’s piece of the action is in the 1st floor gallery in City Hall.  Meta-Fiber, a juried exhibition, is in the glass cases on first and second floors of the building.  Yarnbombing brings to the white-walled gallery space the global street art phenomenon of “cosying” public fixtures with colorful knitted yarn. Meta-Fiber was juried by PAA’s Sarah Archer. And speaking of the Art Alliance, yarnbomber Hemmons will speak at the PAA on ... More » »

Joe Girandola

News – Artists in the Media, Philly.com content sharing, Wikipedia blackout, and more!

News In the Media Iain Ball‘s show Pangea: Rare Earth Sculptures at Extra Extra is featured in this month’s issue of Art Papers. Joe Girandola‘s duct tape paintings look great in a Stylelist.com article. Zoe Strauss‘s photo-billboards appear in an editorial in the Philadelphia Daily News that compares them favorably to the city’s many murals. Amber Dorko Stopper is named Craft Editor at InCultureParent Magazine.

Richard Campbell,  Horses are Pretty, 2008 6 minute short film based on illustrated story.

Young Country at Rosenwald-Wolf

The exhibit Young Country at UArts‘ Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery is as slippery as its title. Are we talking deep South? The Wild West? Our dreams as a baby nation only 225 years old? Either way, we are talking about something American in the bone, a kind of iconic ur-culture exaggerated by movies and stereotypes to they point that they have become our reality of the imagination.

The line dancers at Young Country show. The horse painting (right rear) is really made of tape--by Joe Girandola.

Cosmic bodies and cosmic country at UArts

The best art opening party ever from our point of view was at UArts last Wednesday–a confluence of two shows, with people crossing Broad to get from one to the other. The big-ticket half of the party was at Rosenwald-Wolf for Young Country, a traveling exhibit organized by DCCA’s Maiza Hixson. It’s exuberant and national in its draw.  The show launched in Louisville, and after its Philly run (it ends July 29) Young Country travels on (we forget where but will put that info in here when we get it).

Dubai hosts University of the Arts MFAs

Post by Lauren McCarty Mohammed Kazem, an artist from Dubai, arrived in Philadelphia last June as the first Artist-in-Residence in the UArts low-residency MFA program.  Last month, a group of 12 UArts MFA students traveled to the United Arab Emirates to exhibit work in the juried Emirates Fine Arts Society’s 29th Annual Exhibition at the Sharjah Art Museum, as part of the exchange between UArts and the Dubai-based Emirates Foundation.  One of those students, Lauren McCarty, wrote this report about the cross-cultural exchange.

Anda Dubinskis' response to Kip Deeds' Viewmaster challenge

Thursday this and that

On this snowy day in Philadelphia (picture at the bottom), I hope everyone’s enjoying the view out the window, if not the thought of shoveling snow off the sidewalk. Below is a roundup of some new notable projects and other newsy things from the inbox or from my occasional blog reading. Hope for Hope benefit exhibit and sale, Sunday, Jan. 30, 4-7:30pm, @The Clay Studio