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Susanna Gieske, You Can't Help Yourself. The family here is eating in the middle of the exhibition.

Victory for Philadelphia

The three top prizes at this year’s Victory for Tyler exhibit (subtitled Sculpture 2009), went to Philadelphia artists. The huge, 29-artist exhibit attracted 500 people to Saturday’s opening at the Ice Box at the Crane Arts Center. There is a second opening tonight, at The Crane’s Second Thursday, 6-9 p.m.  that will include some more performances. So it would be a good time to go if you missed the opening, since performance was a key part of so many of the pieces.

Surfing sofas and other ideals by John Lightfoot Greiner

The sofa at the end of the hallway is a video projection that’s part of a larger installation by John Lightfoot Greiner I didn’t take off my shoes when I saw the sand. It covers the floor of a long, narrowing hallway that ends in a pink/lavendar glow of light, in one of John Lightfoot Greiner’s installation at Flux Space. Down where the glowing is, a sharp left turn reveals a sofa projected on the wall, bouncing up and down. (I could swear the sofa was a generic orange-brown, the sort of color you see in some student living space, ... More » »