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Judy Gelles tells me that in addition to this large-size print, she is making 100 smaller prints.

Two faces of art on South Street

From pristine beauty to trash-0-licious, two art shows opened Wednesday on the 700 block of South Street in what were vacant retail spaces. The hope is that art will attract a new renter.

Lots and lots of stuff at Fleisher Challenge 4

Shelley Spector, installation at Fleisher Challenge 4. Palms Open, oil, acrylic and enamel on wood and mixed. 28.5x8x34″ 2007Balls and Chain. oil on wood, paper and clay with chain. 14x14x34″ 2007Red Eagle, oil on paper, wood and clay and metal, 14x20x34″ 2008 Accumulations — of words, pencils, birds, people and memories sit at the table in the Fleisher Challenge 4 exhibit. The 3-person exhibit by Judy Gelles, Erica Zoe Loustau and Shelley Spector is by turns energetic, nostalgic and dreamy. Spector‘s mechanized sculptural objects made from scrap wood and found objects (or in several cases digital prints laminated onto objects) ... More » »

Beneath the skin at Moore College

Judy Gelles’ video interviews about age, that show only the subjects’ mouths Perhaps I was in the perfect frame of mind for taking a good look at what two Philadelphia artists are showing at Moore College, in tandem with a group show that includes a large number of internationally known artists. The two artists are in Encapsulated Time: Age, Image and Rock ‘n Roll in the Levy Gallery at Moore. The two couldn’t be more different from each other. One of the artists is Judy Gelles, who’s from my age group and is well established in photography and video. She ... More » »

Art in Miami; four more fairs

I know that in the last post I said I’d seen Art Basel Miami Beach and 6 other fairs, but it turns out that one was a double bill, so to speak, so there are still 4 to cover. The fairs in Miami Beach hotel rooms have an entirely different flavor from those in convention centers, warehouses and the like. They are calmer, since each gallery has a discrete space and you can’t see one from or through another; the open-plan fairs make me feel attention deficit. Some hotel fair exhibitors also make imaginative use of bathrooms, closets and the ... More » »

Notes from beyond

Matthew Suib Cocked for action in BrooklynVideographer Matthew Suib, just opened Saturday in Brooklyn at Smack Mellon, 92 Plymouth St., 718.834.8761. His video Cocked is included in the exhibition Infinitu et Contini, curated by Denise Carvahlo. The show runs through Dec. 30. The exhibit is supported by a huge bunch of grants, included money from the New York State Council on the Arts and the Andy Warhol Foundation. I just saw Cocked again at Moore College of Art and Design in the exhibit Facts, Fantasies, and Fictions: Christian Curiel, Sarah McEneaney, Matthew Suib), and projected large and wide, in a ... More » »

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