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Eric Porter, Insulation, Giclee Print, 17.5" x 26", Courtesy of LG Tripp Gallery

FOCUS on abstract photography at LG Tripp

The FOCUS is on abstract photography at LG Tripp through January 12. It’s the fifth year that the gallery, better known for showing abstract painting, is holding its annual abstract photography exhibition. Each year FOCUS invites seven artists who are thinking about photography’s material qualities and its potential to work abstractly. Of the artists represented this year, Jennie Barrese and Ken Cushman are New York-based, while the remaining artists are all local. Mounted in shadow boxes, Johanna Inman’s close-up views of old books resemble objects. With their paper surfaces hidden behind glass, it isn’t immediately clear if they are photographs ... More » »

Rebecca Jacoby, "Bubbles." Oil, Acrylic, Pastel Collage on Canvas. 32” x 38”. 2010

Abstract processes fuel two at LG Tripp and two at Bridgette Mayer

Rebecca Jacoby, one of two artists featured at LG Tripp this month, has a bright pastel palette after my own heart. Many of her works are done in acrylic, oil, pastel and collage. For such a wide array of media, she utilizes her materials in a way that they are blended beyond individual identification, making her pieces very cohesive and whole.

Martha Posner, Turning III

Minimal, Emotional, and Visceral in Old City

Two types of minimalism sit side by side on 2nd street this month. At Larry Becker Contemporary Art Max Cole: Light and Line contains thirteen recent paintings in black and white. Cole’s work has changed in subtle shifts over 30 years and this new work is very consistent with her painting style while continuing that steady development. Horizontal stripes dominate the paintings, but on inspection some of the wide swaths are constructed of tiny parallel vertical lines that blend together into soft, tonal areas. As hairs combine to create the solid mass of a paintbrush, these individual strokes merge into ... More » »