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TheArtblog Board Honors Service of Co-Founder Libby Rosof upon her Retirement

(Today we make an announcement!  Our dear Libby has announced her retirement.  She is on to other things and while we are sad, we are so very thankful for all her energy, ideas, right on commentary and leadership of TheArtblog!  Help us celebrate Libby — we think she may get a Liberta Award this year.  Give this post a “Like” and put a comment on the PhillyArtblog Facebook page.  –theartblog editors) One of the two founders of the internationally recognized Philadelphia art review publication TheArtblog announced her retirement from daily operations Oct. 11, 2014. Artist and writer Libby Rosof will continue to ... More » »

New work at Thinkspace by NoseGo.

News post – Philebrity vs. Streets Dept, Arch Enemy Arts gets fantastic, the PMA’s endowment win, see Sze for free, opportunities and more!

News   This year, as you enjoy the holiday season, you can bedeck your halls with sweet and original artwork while supporting the Philly creative community. From now until December 30, the AIGA Philadelphia SPACE is putting on their Holiday Pop-Up-Shop, where you’ll be able to find everything from t-shirts, stickers, gift wrap, and, of course, prints by: Steve DeCusatis, Peter Camburn, Brigette Indelicato, Matt Cavanaugh, Kaitlyn Ryan, Kevin Kernan, Alana Seggman, Allan Espiritu, Robb Leef, Marybeth Kradel-Weitzel, Josh Carter, Thieves & Beggars, and AIGA. The SPACE Pop-Up Shop is open Thursdays 3–7 PM, Fridays & Saturdays 1–7 PM, and other times as announced, through December. Philebrity and Streets Dept put their art-critiquing dukes up this week in a ... More » »

Liberta's loving cup is overflowing!

2012 Liberta awards coming this week!

Find out who artblog stalked this year, and get a recap of comings and goings in the Philadelphia museum and gallery scene.  Smile at some of the year’s absurdities and sigh at some of the others.  The Libertas are coming this week!  Stay tuned.

The 2008 Liberta Awards

It was an ok year. In general, much of what we saw was ok. The Whitney Biennial is always an ok group show but it’s the ok group show we don’t want to miss–just in case. This year the Carnegie International became ok. All in all we’d rather be in Philadelphia where young artists and not so young artists are moving in and new galleries continue to open. Better than ok is the Bolt Bus which we’ve learned to love. Yippee. This is the year Liberta got a ridiculous number of awards — two!! — just for being them. The ... More » »

Liberta is everywhere

People have this idea that Roberta and I are everywhere. But after I saw this sign in a window in Saratoga Springs a couple of weeks ago, I began to think that maybe it’s true. Can it be that this Frankie Flores guy heard about the Libertas (see our last round of Liberta Awards here)?Flores offers genre racehorse paintings (it’s Saratoga Springs, afterall), and though I can’t imagine why you would check these particular ones out or sit through the introductory web flash dance of celeb photos, here’s the link to the website in the photo, Frankie Flores Fine Art. ... More » »

2007 Liberta awards!

Belknap Brothers perform at FLUXspace. PREAMBLEIt was a year of utopian thinking with ambitious new venues run by young artists just out of school. In addition, several community-spirited galleries found their voice. Welcome to all of you builders of a better world: Bobos, Basho, Rebecca Templeton, FluxSpace, Yo!, Little Berlin, !, Midwives Collective, The Other Woman, The Seed Collective, etc. etc. etc. These real collectives put Second Life to shame and show it to be a chimera of the internet. We at artblog are realists and activists. We know the Philadelphia art world has blossomed into an international art destination ... More » »

Coming soon–The Liberta awards!!!

Saint Liberta and Mother Teresa?

It’s Libby and Roberta, by Martin Bromirski Oh my god. I can’t believe Martin Bromirski, artist and blogger from Baltimore (anaba is his blog). Thanks to him, Roberta and I have turned up in the most unlikely place for us–a list of heroes, including the likes of Ghandi, Frida Kahlo, St. Francis and Pedro Almodovar. There are more. Like Thoreau, a pregnant Wonder Woman and Noah Webster fer instance. They–we????–are all honored in pieces made by nearly 50 artists in an exhibit, The Heroes Show, in Olympia, WA. Martin made a piece about us for the exhibit, and frankly I ... More » »


Second annual Liberta Awards

In a year that saw Gross foolishness, Libby and Roberta take stock. Flush and blush award.This year, artblog ran a lot of bathroom shots. PS they either had art in them or were themselves art. Bathroom installation at the Bridge art fair in Miami Billy Blaise Dufala and Steven Dufala Harold Offeh and also Beagles and Ramsay Burtonwood and Holmes Carter Kustera and more toilet art at Kohler–where else?? ————————– The worst word ever applied to art award: Abstraction. What does it mean? Isn’t everything abstract? Runner up: Realism. Isn’t everything real? and not real? ————————– Killer stairs award Black ... More » »


The liberta awards

artblog laughs a little, cries a little for another year in artland and hereby hands out some awards and marks some passages. Awards Tim Hawkinson for president. Here’s his campaign poster. Christo and Jeanne-Claude for co-vice presidents. Best retirement news. Ed Sozanski retires from the Inquirer Worst retirement news. Ed Sozanski retires from the Inquirer artblog trifecta award. Zoe Strauss gets arrested, delivers feminine hygiene products to the ladies on the Gulf Coast post-Katrina, and gets into the Whitney Biennial 2006. We don’t think the three events are connected but are connecting them here. artblog stalking victims: Zoe Strauss Hermann ... More » »

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