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Michael, Konrad, Reign Free, 2012, umbrella canopies, tarp, tent poles, zippers, velcro

West Philadelphia looking is good

Art in West Philadelphia is blooming with the early flowers of this super-heated spring, partially thanks to the mix of artists who are making a trip to the farmer’s market or the cafe turn into a bohemian rhapsody. The gallery at the University City Arts League is offering up more lively, more sophisticated fare lately thanks to some new leadership. Fortieth Street Artists in Residence continues to percolate with an occasional good show and on-campus Penn-related galleries, often unengaged in the local wealth of the city art scene, are heading for homeplate. At Fortieth Street AIR, which is always engaged ... More » »

Crowd members interacting with the Light Drift display

Light Drift and Philly Works – Design Philadelphia 2010 out-takes

I still remember being introduced to Close Encounters of the Third Kind as a child. For a long while after my first viewing of the film, the five variable notes and flashing colors of the climactic mother ship scene stuck with me. They evoked a magic redolent of youthful innocence, which later television would dissipate through endless reruns on AMC. Eventually, even Richard Dreyfuss’s eternally boyish charm could no longer salvage an image made stale with repetition. Last Friday, October 15, thanks to the Light Drift display on the banks of the Schuylkill River, I was transported momentarily back to ... More » »

Marina Borker, Tulips, 2007, acrylic on luan, 16.5 x 21 inches

Let’s Go Enjoy Nature at Seraphin

The title of the exhibit Let’s Go Enjoy Nature! is pretty funny. There’s nothing natural about standing in a gallery looking at art–an imitation of life. But art is the sincerest form of flattery. And speaking of the joys of what’s unnatural, air conditioning in this beastly weather is just the ticket.