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Conglomerate No. 3: Field

Matt Ziemke’s Cadillac Desert – a neutral take on the topic of nature and the built environment

Matt Ziemke’s Cadillac Desert at Napoleon (to Nov. 25) examines the relationship between humans and the built environment, with our greener natural counterparts. Unlike many ecologically-motivated artists, Ziemke discusses this built environment/nature juxtaposition — perhaps questions it — but does so exceedingly gently and remains surprisingly and thoughtfully neutral. Bodies of water seem to be the focus in the beautifully crafted subtle sculptures, which combine bits of what looks like disassembled geography and delicate sprawling architectural forms. In keeping with the subject matter, the works are made of earthen and manufactured materials. Of the five works that compose “Cadillac Desert,” two ... More » »

Christina P. Day's Polaroid camera, wood, paint, woven strap

Nutini, Day and Ziemke are Pleased to Meet You at Napoleon

Housed in the closet-sized space of Napoleon, “Pleased to Meet You” is an apropos name: The three artists, whose work occupies the room, provide a brief, concise introduction to their style and inspirations, just that, nothing more. The choice of pieces on display is a teaser, a carefully-selected sample of what defines each artist. Alexis Nutini, Christina P. Day and Matt Ziemke — three new members of the artist-run space — are all skilled at repurposing symbols, but each approaches his or her work with a different objective in mind. Christina P. Day’s work is the first point of contact ... More » »

Jayson Scott Musson, from the Penn MFA thesis show at the Icebox., 2011

Graduates everywhere – a roundup of spring student shows!

This year’s graduates of area BFA and MFA programs displayed their works all over town the last few months.  The group exhibits showed the young artists to be continuing the trends we’ve seen now for a while:  performance videos; videos in general; outsider-influenced drawing and painting; photos that play with concepts of reality; and finely-crafted sculpture (some of it made to look gloppy and not so finely crafted).  Here’s a picture post for you, in case you missed the shows. We saw exhibits from: University of Pennsylvania, University of the Arts, Tyler School of Art, Moore College of Art and ... More » »

Dan Schein, Inconsequential Times in Snowersville, oil on canvas

Weekly Update – A great big Woot! from Tyler’s graduating MFA’s

Maybe it’s spring or the waning recession, but Woot!, the group show at the Ice Box consisting of graduating MFAs from the Tyler School of Art, is a nice change from the art world’s current obsession with noir-ish nightmares. Or maybe it’s this particular class of students that makes this show so fun and friendly. With rambunctious works that explore everything from pop culture to current events and personal material, the 22 artists in this student-organized and faculty-judged exhibit are explorers at play. In some cases, the works are tinged with a little anger and irony, but the good news is that this show ... More » »