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Beth Beverly at work.

News post – Taxidermy 411, campaign to save Shahn murals, Ann-Marie LeQuesne brings fanfare to NYC, opportunities and more!

News We should have known, what with wall antlers all over Pinterest and blogs falling over themselves teaching you how to make terrariums, it would only be a matter of time before taxidermy emerged from the kitsch-niche and became, besides a morbidly-fascinating AMC show, a weekend activity. The approaching Philadelphia Science Festival is the impetus for  Skinned, Stuffed and Mounted: The History, Culture and How-to of Taxidermy, the new joint venture from the Wagner Institute of Science and the Philadelphia Area Center for History of Science. A one-of-a-kind program about the history of taxidermy along with a live demonstration, the day features words from Rachel Poliquin, ... More » »


News – Jason Lazarus, Knapp Gallery closing, Richard Torchia at CENTERpieces, and curators, curators, curators

News Jason Lazarus will take your unwanted photos Do you have photos that are too painful to keep around? If so, Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus will take them.  He’s collecting unwanted photos for an art installation. There’s no need to provide the background for the photos, and if you feel they are too private to be shown, the artist will display them face down. Lazarus can pick them up on Sunday February 5 from 10 AM – 7 PM. E-mail him at jasonlazarus.photo@gmail.com or call 312-953-2885. Knapp Gallery closing Old City’s Knapp Gallery is closing up shop at the end of ... More » »