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Works by Maya Hayuk adorn the lobby walls of the Hammer Museum

New installations and world-class classics at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles

[Maeve walks down memory lane and into one of her favorite museums, taking us through the Hammer Museum’s permanent collection and one site-specific piece. –theartblog editors] When I was in Los Angeles last month, I had the pleasure of visiting the Hammer Museum. It was always one of my favorites when I was living in the city, and upon visiting it recently, I can say definitively that it is my favorite museum in L.A. The variety of the classical and cutting-edge art and the quality of the installations make the Hammer Museum an absolute must-see for any art lover. It ... More » »

Maya Hayuk, "Heavy Light"

Oohs and Aahs – Maya Hayuk at Cinders Gallery and Justen Ladda at Storefront

Brooklyn is a medley of sensory impressions, many of which shimmer and shine–the glint off the East River, new eye glasses, lustrous 99-cent accessories. Two artists on view in the borough right now explore different sorts of sensory impact: Maya Hayuk, with a black-lit installation at Cinders Gallery and Justen Ladda with subtly glimmering mirrors at Storefront.