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Joe Fleming’s Suckerpunch at Mike Weiss Gallery

[Evan reviews an off-the-wall show that strays a bit too far in pursuit of perfection, and concludes that the paintings’ real success lie in their minor details. — the artblog editors] Suckerpunch is Toronto artist Joe Fleming’s first solo New York exhibition, taking place at Mike Weiss Gallery in Chelsea. Here, Fleming displays a series of paintings with a strong sculptural bent, using recycled materials, graphic geometric shapes, and gestural line and brush work. He’s clearly influenced by Pop Art and cultural iconography, and his geometrical forms are evocative and self-referential. Works fuse with the wall Fleming’s paintings are extremely textured. ... More » »


Art Fairs in Miami, 2012 – Traffic everywhere and a show stopper at the new Miami Project

This year the traffic in Miami defeated me. The amount of activity generated by more than twenty art fairs would benefit from public, and preferably underground, transportation. While I saw plenty of art over two days at three fairs, I saw nothing sufficiently new or challenging to make up for bumper-to-bumper traffic and streets, endlessly clogged, with drivers who didn’t know where they were going. After three fairs, I gave up. So this won’t pretend to be a best of the best, or even an overview. I spent the first afternoon at Art Basel Miami Beach  with my friend, neighbor ... More » »

Mike Weiss Gallery Takes On Crisis In Egypt (!)

Unrest in Egypt? New York’s Mike Weiss Gallery has it covered. The boys acting up in the streets of Cairo?  Christian Vincent is on the case.  Well that’s the message received yesterday from the gallery’s director Anna Ortt.  The urgent e-mail tunes us in: “Media Alert: Parallel between painting exhibition in New York and riots in Cairo.” Is it cause and effect? Has the Los Angeles-based Vincent been working on these “riot pieces” in anticipation of a break out of street violence in the Middle East (or anywhere else?).  Or has his paintings of boys with bats or boys lined ... More » »