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Three in one

Sometimes Roberta and I joke about who we’d put together in a show. Between my last post and first Friday, I’ve been thinking about this little group: Multiple contributors to Staring Therapy, an installation at Space 1026. At the Staring Therapy exhibition we saw at Space 1026 Friday, Toronto artists Victoria Kent, Seth Scriver, and Sandy Plotnikoff displayed works they gathered by sending out a pre-recorded phone message to friends and contacts around the globe. People responded with small artworks and found objects, which formed an installation to be viewed through specially decorated Staring Tubes. The pedestal-top arrangements of kitsch, ... More » »

Piles of art

Mars the Red Planet, 1988, Plastic toy flamingos, barbie doll, fluorescent light, chalk, xerox, arches papaer, synthetic polymer with sparkle, oil stick, pastel; ensemble set on formica covered trapezoid wood base, 82 1/2 x 44 x 12 (artist’s comment: this sculpture relfects my fear of an impending nuclear holocaust).Tom Kerr and Donna Martorana are sitting on a pile of art. It’s not even theirs. It’s the work of Mildred Elfman Greenberg, an artist with three works in the collection of the Philadelphia Museum of Art (here’s a post about her by Martin Bromirski at his blog, anaba). Quartet: Ice Age ... More » »


Mildred Elfman Greenberg remembered

Check out a wonderful remembrance blogger Martin Bromirski wrote on anaba about Philadelphia artist/photographer Mildred Elfman Greenberg. It’s really beautiful. His previous post shows some of her work.