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Deb Sokolow, All Your Vulnerabilities Will Be Assessed, detail

Hilarious paranoia in Deb Sokolow’s All Your Vulnerabilities Will Be Assessed at Moore

First impressions help to define our interactions with people and things. Usually, first impressions guide a person as to how a relationship (whether personal or professional) will progress. For example, if I wear sweatpants and a sweatshirt to a job interview, chances are I won’t be getting that job. This being said, my first impression of Deb Sokolow’s show was a bit off the mark. Sokolow’s abstract collage works rely heavily on narrative for their impact. This is not a show one can comprehend at first glance. Entering the room, I was taken aback by the stark presentation. Her works ... More » »

Kelli Connell, Double Life, Carnival.  Image courtesy of the artist's website

Andrea Modica and Kelli Connell – Storytelling photographs at Gallery 339

When portrait photographers are storytellers, their images are often best seen in series such as an exhibition or book where the cumulative effect of the work builds a loose narrative. Andrea Modica’s “Best Friends” and Kelli Connell’s “Double Life” at Gallery 339 (21st Street near Pine) are cases in point. These beautiful and compelling photographs create narratives about relationships and the nature of portrayals. The show is an inspired pairing. Modica, an associate professor in the photography program at Drexel University, bought her first camera in high school with money she’d earned frying chicken at a fast-food restaurant. Today, the ... More » »