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From left to right: Bill Marimow, Editor of The Philadelphia Inquirer; Chris Satullo, Vice President of News and Civic Dialogue at WHYY; Meredith Broussard, Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania and 2012 USC Getty Arts Journalism Fellow; Megan Wendell, Founder and President of Canary Promotion; Douglas McLennan, Founder and Editor of ArtsJournal, Acting Director of the National Arts Journalism Program

Is There a Future for Cultural Journalism?

Since the economic nosedive sent traditional print journalism into crisis mode, the health and future of culture and arts journalism has been a topic of serious concern, especially in the arts community. The Philadelphia Inquirer, for example, had a twenty percent profit margin in 2000 but by 2012 it had lost seventeen million dollars. These statistics were shared by Bill Marimow, Editor of the Inquirer, at a recent panel discussion, “Plotting the Future of Cultural Journalism” held at WHYY’s Hamilton Commons. Marimow said that newspapers have yet to find a sustainable business model in the current economic climate which includes ... More » »

Bruce Nauman, The true artist helps the world, neon, 59 x 55 x 2 in. (149.8 x139.7 x 5 cm), edition A/P, awaiting installation at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Good reads in the Inky and Times

Yesterday was a red letter day in art writing in the print media. The New York Times ran a terrific article, Framing the Message of a Generation by Holland Carter, comparing two exhibits, “The Pictures Generation, 1974-1984” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and “The Generational: Younger Than Jesus” at the New Museum. What seduced me was his lead on how some work gets canonized, other work not.  But then he went on to discuss the whole idea of dividing art by age and how the two shows succeed and fail at this.

Linky-link for you-ee you on the Other Public Art

An example of the sort of art Peter Dobrin is writing about, here on a dumpster in South Philadelphia. I know the two figures on the right are by Bonnie Brenda Scott, who’s in a show right now at Padlock Gallery. Thought some of you would like to read the best Philly Inquirer art story I’ve seen in a dog’s age–a paeon by Peter Dobrin to the ephemeral wheat pastes and stencil art about to be destroyed on the South Street Bridge. I hope the city is taking to heart to some of the points he made about non-corporate art ... More » »

Catch the news!!! Philly’s hot art scene

On the Inquirer’s front page–Artistic Nirvana, a story by Melissa Dribben, about how Philadelphia’s art scene has caught fire and is glowing bright red!