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Simeen Farhat, "Thinking."

News post — TandM hosted Roberto Vignoli, Angela McQuillan in “Art or Science,” @PPAC #PhillyPhotoDay on display in #DilworthPlaza, opportunities and more!

[Today in artblog news: Lots of photography shows and opportunities around town, plus things to listen to, watch, and look out for! — the artblog editors] News TandM Arts: Studio, aka Virginia Maksymowicz and Blaise Tobia, hosted their friend, Italian photographer Roberto Vignoli, last weekend for a one-time, Philadelphia showing of his panorama photo of Cuba’s famous sea wall, the Malecon.  We couldn’t make it to the show, but thought the photo was such a wow, we’d link it and tell you about it. Vignoli, who came through Philadelphia as part of an around-the-world tour, is a lifelong resident of Rome.  TandM ... More » »


‘Murica! at PhilaMOCA

[Patriotism comes in stripes and colors other than red, white, and blue–though that’s the prevalent palette at this America-themed group exhibition. Kelly dips into some works that simultaneously criticize and celebrate our country’s culture and customs. — the artblog editors] I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate the month of our nation’s independence than to see ‘Murica! at PhilaMOCA. If, based on the title, you expect to see some tongue-in-cheek takes on patriotism, you won’t be disappointed. But you will also find some more serious takes on the theme to challenge your derisive thoughts. The subversive In the gallery, ... More » »

3.Terry LaBan

Wizard World Philly 2014 memories

[Dre visits a major comic convention, and reports what artists and fans alike had to say about the con’s structure and value. — the artblog editors] Growing up, I remember fondly turning the glossy pages of Wizard. There, I found inspiration to become a creative professional. Today, the magazine is no longer, and the Wizard World brand concentrates solely on a traveling pop culture/comic convention. When Wizard World Comic Con comes to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, as it did June 19-22, I can focus on nothing else. I got the opportunity to approach artists like Neal Adams and Bob Camp on ... More » »

Judy Gelles' ethereal trailer park imagery, on view at LACMA now. Photo: LA Times, via the artist.

News post – OACCE welcomes Helen Haynes, Jennifer Bartlett’s “History” in the Hamptons, Judy Gelles at LACMA, opportunities and more!

News   As a sponsor of the Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby this year, we’re enthusiastic about any and all efforts to bring attention to our local treasure. Adrienne Justice is currently producing a two-part film for NicJusticeMedia.com showcasing the 8th Annual Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby as well as the 9th Annual Trenton Avenue Arts Festival! You can view part one of the documentary, with the other soon to arrive. For those planning on attending Ed Sozanski’s memorial service, it’s been scheduled for May 31 at 10 AM at the First Unitarian Church. We have a new Chief Cultural Officer! In a press conference at ... More » »

A recent installment of Ann-Marie Duquesne's Fanfare.

News post – Puri & Burwell’s open studio, PAFA gets new gallery & Grad Chair, New York Fanfare now on view, opportunities and more!

News   The Fishtown studios of Charles Burwell and Antonio Puri are opening their doors this month. Take advantage of the freshly-arrived autumn weather and pay a visit to 2102 East Norris Street (2nd floor) on Saturday, September 28, between 12 PM-6 PM. For further information, call either Antonio at 484-844-5244, or Charles at 267-973-8823 2 from PAFA – 1. Artist and administrator Clint Jukkala has been selected as the new Chair of PAFA’s Graduate Programs, hailing from the Yale University School of Art, where he served as Director of Undergraduate Studies and Graduate Coordinator. Welcome and congratulations, Clint! 2. PAFA’s brand new space for works on paper, the Richard C. von ... More » »

A collection of Diane Burko's "Glacial Perspectives."

News post – Burko & Ryan go north, Artblog-Green Line’s joint b-day, Frank Hyder’s 2-part MICA show, opportunities and more!

News It’s not every year you get to celebrate the same milestone birthday as your favorite neighborhood institution, but this year the privilege falls to the artblog and the Green Line Cafe . Both of us turn ten this year! We’re teaming up with Green Line for a show-up-and-show event, Unfiltered, opening Oct. 19, and, as you’d expect, we need visual artists to celebrate with us. That day, bring your work to The Green Line on Locust, and see it on the wall! Overflow pieces go into a flatfile on site that visitors can access. Check back here about what to bring and ... More » »

DJ King Britt, a performer at tonight's Data Garden/Hidden City experimental electronica concert at the Frankford Historical Society.

News post – Electronica heaven at FHS, Quay Brothers at the Ruhrtriennale, Eraserhood year 2, opportunities and more!

News An intriguing side dish for the ongoing Hidden City Festival: the Data Garden presents Heritage Electronics at the Historical Society of Frankford tonight. Featuring artists making music with heritage and primitive electronic instruments such as theremins and something called the Buchla Music Easel (sounds like our bag, no?), the lineup consists of King Britt, DJ and producer; Charles Cohen, veteran electronic improvisor performing on the Buchla Music Easel; Laura Baird, Dino Lionetti, & Gretchen Lohse on theremin, viola and electronics; NO CARRIER aka Don Miller on video synths and NES; and Daniel Rehn (wwwtxt), who resurrects the voices of digital pioneers through 140-character excerpts and curated video. ... More » »

The second coming of Autumn, by David Guinn, at Fleisher Art Memorial. Source and Photo: Passyunk Post, Greg Bezanis via SPR.

News post – CandyCoated children’s costumes, Kara Walker drawing dispute resolved, “Autumn” redux, E/AB Print Fair, opportunities and more!

News Candy Coated Wonderland isn’t coming until May, but let the thought of it carry you through the rest of this bone-chilling winter. As only she can, CandyCoated (formerly Candy Depew) is re-interpreting the Museum’s collection of children’s dress costumes with her unique textile art. Held in the Joan Spain Gallery at the Perelman Building from May to November 2013 and curated by Dylis Blum, CandyCoated envisions a storybook narrative, incorporating iconic children’s costumes. And to make the the exhibition’s subjects the focal point, the summer promises a series of educational workshops for youth art making. Among the wild-sounding offerings are bike and helmet ... More » »

Lisa Kereszi, Girls Show World Center, TimesmSquare, NYC.
2000. Chromogenic Print, 40 x 30 inches. Edition 1/5.

News – Apocalypse art, Erica Minutella’s Hackathon project, Lisa Kereszi in ATL, Damian Moppett’s hometown show, opportunities and more!

News Here’s a conundrum: if the world ends, you won’t get to see any of the apocalyptic-themed art around town, but if it doesn’t end, the apocalyptic-themed art will be robbed of context, at least unless we can put it all in a time capsule for the next time someone puts forth another end date for the universe as we know it. How to reconcile this? I can’t give you an answer, but I can tell you that the shows at Arch Enemy and PhilaMOCA deliver the eschatological goods. Arch Enemy’s show, “The Day and the Hour Unknown” features the ... More » »

Benjamin Volta and Gord Peteran's mural and delivery doors at the Center for Art in Wood

News post – One year for CFAW, thanks to our British benefactors, Michelle Post at Grounds for Sculpture, opportunities and more!

News Ever wonder how Renoir can be so loved and so hated? Limited tickets are still available for a members-only lecture coming up at the Barnes on October 18. “Why We Love to Hate Renoir” is a talk and book signing by Dr. Martha Lucy, author of Renoir in the Barnes Foundation, who asks how he can be both revered for his work (Barnes voraciously collected his paintings) and disparaged for lack of originality. The lecture is from 10:30-11:30 AM, and tickets are $12. Reserve online. Further proving that we’re all part of a global online art village, we have our first international sponsorship ... More » »

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