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Roxana Pérez-Méndez detail of 'Ana' (2010), from 'Este Es Mi Pais'

Roxana Pérez-Méndez: Your Fantasy is My Home

The image of Latin America functioned for nineteenth-century North Americans much as that of the Middle East did for certain Europeans: as a screen on which to project their fantasies. In the case of the Western hemisphere, these were largely of a pre-lapsarian past.  Roxana Pérez-Méndez has consistently explored the place of Puerto Rico within U.S. culture, and with her project, Este Es Mi Pais (This is My Homeland) at the Morris Gallery at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA, up through Sept. 26, 2010) she employs PAFA’s collections to explore the history of interactions within the Americas.

Joe DiGiuseppe, a FLUX founder, whose task was to "get stuffed."

FLUX Re-task picture post

Here’s a few pictures from last night’s Re-task up at FLUXspace.  The event was packed and there were a lot of really creative things being made and a lot of very good energy.  I have more photos at flickr.

Susanna Gieske, You Can't Help Yourself. The family here is eating in the middle of the exhibition.

Victory for Philadelphia

The three top prizes at this year’s Victory for Tyler exhibit (subtitled Sculpture 2009), went to Philadelphia artists. The huge, 29-artist exhibit attracted 500 people to Saturday’s opening at the Ice Box at the Crane Arts Center. There is a second opening tonight, at The Crane’s Second Thursday, 6-9 p.m.  that will include some more performances. So it would be a good time to go if you missed the opening, since performance was a key part of so many of the pieces.

Video Vox

This month’s Vox exhibit is nearly all video and really all pretty great! It looks like more and more video artists are part of the Vox membership, and this show reflects the shift. The only non-video in the show, a sculpture installation, is by Brent Wahl, who also makes videos. Here’s who and what: Black Hole, a video by Matthew Suib and Nadia Hironaka; I had to play with the image to show anything other than a pure black rectangle, so I’m afraid it’s a bit misleading.The first ever collaboration between married video-makers Matthew Suib and Nadia Hironaka is a ... More » »

2007 Liberta awards!

Belknap Brothers perform at FLUXspace. PREAMBLEIt was a year of utopian thinking with ambitious new venues run by young artists just out of school. In addition, several community-spirited galleries found their voice. Welcome to all of you builders of a better world: Bobos, Basho, Rebecca Templeton, FluxSpace, Yo!, Little Berlin, !, Midwives Collective, The Other Woman, The Seed Collective, etc. etc. etc. These real collectives put Second Life to shame and show it to be a chimera of the internet. We at artblog are realists and activists. We know the Philadelphia art world has blossomed into an international art destination ... More » »

Meditations on the Fourth of July and Karen Kilimnik at the Powel House

Karen Kilimnik, Candlestick, 1993, pastel on paper, 25 1/2 x 19 3/4″; installed in Powel House dining room I’m not much of a history buff. But I just completed John Adams by David McCullough. Plus I’m reading another book a friend gave me about the portrait of Elizabeth Powel in the Powel House on 3rd Street. All this set my imagination back to a time when people got caught up in the extraordinary events that made us a new, independent country, by the skin of our teeth. With those books in mind, the Powel House and all the rest of ... More » »


Weekly Update 1 – Roxana Perez-Mendez at Powel House

This week’s Weekly has my Editor’s Pick review of Roxana Perez-Mendez’s La Declaracion at Powel House. Below is the copy. More photos at flickr and see Libby’s post for more. Roxana Perez-Mendez’s Puerto Rican flag outside Powel House. The artist said that the flag drew in some Puerto Rican natives the night of the opening. They didn’t know what was in the house but the flag told them to go in and check it out. Outside the Colonial mansion on Third Street hangs a Puerto Rican flag, part of Roxana Perez-Mendez’s Landmarks Contemporary Project at the Powel House. It’s just ... More » »


Roxana Perez-Mendez in Philadelphia history

The Powel House is one of a number of wonderful historical houses in Philadelphia that often go ignored by the crowds seeking out the Liberty Bell or the whiz bang of the new Constitution Center. As for the locals, it’s tough to get their attention too. The Powel House was once the home of the mayor of the city, overseeing Philadelphia during its transition from a colonial city to the new nation’s capital. He was the last mayor to serve while Pennsylvania was a colony. What remains is enough to give some clues about life in that times–and yet, of ... More » »


Vernacular Spectacular spectacular

Stuart Netsky’s new works, debuting in this show Catch the spectacle at Penn’s Meyerson Hall before it blows out the lights Nov. 24. It’s a great show and you don’t want to miss it. The exhibit, organized by Gabe Martinez and Jeremiah Misfeldt for last weekend’s SPEMA conference, is an expression of Philadelphia’s high energy art making. The show touches all the bases of pop culture in just about all the materials you can imagine and has great works never before shown by big name artists like Pepon Osorio and Stuart Netsky. Hours to see the exhibit are 9 am-5 ... More » »


Weekly Update 1-Roxana Perez-Mendez at Painted Bride

Below is my review of Roxana Perez-Mendez’s Encantada at the Painted Bride Art Center. The story is on the art page in the Weekly and below with some images added. Here’s Libby’s post on Perez-Mendez. And stay tuned for my fall roundup piece (also in the Weekly today) coming in another post. Suite Dreams A super-hotel serves as a metaphor for brainwashed consumerism. Someone please teach me how to shoot a picture through a peephole. My several attempts failed to capture the three luminous and quite lovely peephole scenes in Roxana Perez-Mendez’s installation. After I saw Roxana Pérez-Méndez’s installation at ... More » »

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