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Mia Rosenthal Postpartum Portrait, 2010 Ink and graphite on paper Courtesy of the artist and Gallery Joe, Philadelphia © Mia Rosenthal

Narcissus in the studio at PAFA – embracing life, death and the figure

Bay area figure painter Joan Brown hugs a fish. Hans Weingaertner, a German-born transplant to the US, shows his naked reflection in the mirror on which he crouches–but keeps his fish out of sight. Narcissus in the Studio, an exhibit of portraits and self-portraits at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, is full of delights and surprises, fearlessly hung to show the many ways that portraits are about more than reproducing a face or even suggesting an identity, but that they can be about mortality; life with its woes and joys; and the mind. The exhibit of more than 100 works ... More » »

Leroy Johnson and Sarah McEneaney — new Percent for Art program artists

Artists Leroy Johnson and Sarah McEneaney have been selected for the most recent Philadelphia Percent for Art competition — this just announced by the Office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy.   The two artists — both longtime Philly folk with many accolades and awards — will create new paintings for the new Youth Study Center at 48th and Haverford (not yet built–previously the YSC was on the Parkway where the new Barnes will be).   The art will be about Philadelphia and include Philadelphia scenes in it. The work is expected to be installed fall, 2011. Here’s what ... More » »

Bonnie Brenda Scott, painting on target practice sheet at Seraphin Gallery's show, My Dog Speaks.

Weekly Update-My Dog Speaks at Seraphin Gallery

 This week’s Weekly has my review of My Dog Speaks.  Below is my copy with some pictures. Through the years artists have devoted gallons of paint and tons of plaster, clay and metal to the depiction of animals — beloved cats and dogs and heroic wild beasts.  If an animal-loving artist makes a self-portrait, chances are a beloved pet will appear in the work.  “My Dog Speaks” at Seraphin Gallery is a 13-artist group hug of the beasts of the earth. 

Interior spaces–McEneaney and Harvey at Locks

Post by Tim A. Campbell Sarah McEneaney, Studio, NM, 2008, egg tempera on linen, 48×58 inches The pairing of Sarah McEneaney and Ellen Harvey at Locks Gallery since early November is a serendipitous counter-point between very different artists who share some subjects between them. Both exhibitions explore interior space. They are notably different in conception and execution, and the motives behind representation are on different trajectories. This common ground between the shows provides a lucid window into contemporary painting. Personalized and intoxicating, McEneaney’s work is a reflection upon studios, fantasies, and private life both revealed and invented. Many paintings depict ... More » »

Weekly Update — Sarah McEneaney’s Dog Heaven at Locks

This week’s Weekly has my review of Sarah McEneaney’s exhibit at Locks Gallery. Below is the copy with some pictures and a few additional words. More photos at flickr. Sarah McEneaneyNight, 2008egg tempera on linen48×48″ In her first solo show in Philadelphia since her 2004 Institute of Contemporary Art retrospective, Sarah McEneaney creates a world that is brighter, more manic and far more whimsical than the world most of us live in—and for that it is absolutely loveable. Now on view at Locks Gallery, the accoladed local artist’s autobiographical works are not a “true” or documentary picture of her life. ... More » »

Artistic Forebears

Madonna Bedtime Story (1994, video) Madonna’s imagery for the most expensive music video ever was inspired by female surrealists like Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Frida Kahlo. Madonna had hoped (but failed) to play Frida in a film biopic.Frida’s fierce, unflinching gaze The first and most involved audience for art is always artists, and some artists have been a particularly fertile inspiration for others. Frida Kahlo is one, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art wisely assembled an articulate group of artists to discuss her influence on Sunday, April 9 in connection with the exhibition of her work on view at ... More » »

Weekly Update – Painting Structures at Swarthmore

This week’s Weekly has my review of Painting Structures at Swarthmore’s List Gallery. Below’s the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr.Seven painters reimagine the city at List Gallery. Yvonne Jacquette, Walmart and Other Big Box Stores. Oil on canvas. Artists often portray the world as a mess. Since their pessimistic perspective is hardly news, it often fails to excite. “Painting Structures” at Swarthmore’s List Gallery offers a different take. The show’s seven painters hold thoughtful and passionate views on art, architecture, urban sprawl, cloverleaf interchanges and big box stores. But in their poetic works, issues unfold slowly—with beauty ... More » »

Weekly Update – Frida Kahlo and Lee Miller at the PMA

This week’s Weekly has my review of the Frida Kahlo show with mention of Lee Miller, also at the PMA, and a note about additional programming in the corridor on the way to the Miller show. For more on the shows see Libby’s post and Andrea’s post.Frida Kahlo’s works reflect her revolutionary spirit. Frida Kahlo, The Broken Column/La columna rota, 1944, (Museo Dolores Olmedo, Xochimilco, Mexico City) © 2007 Banco de México Diego Rivera & Frida Kahlo Museums Trust. Av. Cinco de Mayo No. 2, Col. Centro, Del. Cuauhtémoc, 06059, México D.F. Since feminists rediscovered her in the ’60s, Frida ... More » »

Weekly Update – Facts and Fantasies at Moore

This week’s Weekly has my review of Facts Fantasies and Fictions at the Galleries at Moore. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr.Paint MisbehavingMoore’s narrative art show is slippery and subversive. Sarah McEneaney, looking regal, in a new work at Moore College’s Facts, Fantasies and Fictions. Narrative art takes a well deserved bow in “Facts, Fantasies and Fictions” at the Galleries at Moore. The paintings by Sarah McEneaney and Christian Curiel, and video art by Matthew Suib, are three stops on a visual merry-go-round where human life is presented against lush landscapes or forlorn atmospheric wastelands. ... More » »

The week that was

A lot of openings in the last two weekends. I didn’t make them all but I’m going to run some pictures here with some links and say get out there and look around. So much to see so little time. PAFA, Oct. 19, 2006 Libby and I made it to the opening of Steven Power‘s show in PAFA‘s Morris Gallery but didn’t make Space is the Place (Outgoing PAFA Contemporary Art Curator Alex Baker‘s co-curated show also at PAFA). It’s up for a while and sounds good so we’ll be back for sure. Steve Powers, right, and Brian Campbell, doing ... More » »

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