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Suzanne Lacy, with Leslie Labowitz 'Three Weeks in May' (1977)

Suzanne Lacy in Print and in Person; from the Feminist Studio Workshop and the Women’s Building to Otis College of Art and Design

I finished reading the collected writings of Suzanne Lacy  (see below) on the plane to the 100th Annual Meeting of the  College Art Association (CAA) , held from Feb. 22-25 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I was excited that I would finally see the artist in action.  Lacy is a pioneer of what has come to be known as social practice (sometimes termed participatory art, community art,  situational art or social sculpture), and founded an MFA program under that name at Otis College of Art and Design in 2007. Since the early 1970s she has produced work consisting of socially ... More » »


News – Jason Lazarus, Knapp Gallery closing, Richard Torchia at CENTERpieces, and curators, curators, curators

News Jason Lazarus will take your unwanted photos Do you have photos that are too painful to keep around? If so, Chicago-based artist Jason Lazarus will take them.  He’s collecting unwanted photos for an art installation. There’s no need to provide the background for the photos, and if you feel they are too private to be shown, the artist will display them face down. Lazarus can pick them up on Sunday February 5 from 10 AM – 7 PM. E-mail him at jasonlazarus.photo@gmail.com or call 312-953-2885. Knapp Gallery closing Old City’s Knapp Gallery is closing up shop at the end of ... More » »