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Anne Canfield at Seraphin Gallery

[Irena gets up close and personal with a very detailed show of dreamy oil-on-panel works. — the artblog editors] When painting in the small-scale, it often takes an ounce of something extra to capture an art audience’s attention, even at the local level. Moore College graduate Anne Canfield manages to do just that in her solo exhibit at Seraphin Gallery. Canfield’s knack for creating imaginative, yet genuine pieces is a special find in the growing flurry of Philadelphia’s contemporary art scene, and places the painter on the who-to-watch list of promising Philadelphia artists. Exploring memory and awareness From deconstructed architectural ... More » »


Straight Water Blues — Barbara Bullock at LaSalle University Museum

[A.M. Weaver reviews new and older works by Barbara Bullock, explaining Bullock’s use of color, her love of reading, and her propensity for travel–and how these factors play into the artist’s work. — the artblog editors] Barbara Bullock has done it again! She has dared to present her works in a new way at the LaSalle University Museum, in an exhibition that opened on June 12 and runs until August 7, 2014. Straight Water Blues is an installation of select works that premiered at Seraphin Gallery in 2013, in addition to three new works. Bullock’s floating fish, ancestral spirits, birds, and abstract forms soar ... More » »

Chasing After Spirits

Barbara Bullock – Chasing after Spirits with paint, paper and shadows at Seraphin Gallery

In Chasing after Spirits, Barbara Bullock’s latest works at Seraphin Gallery, vestigial memories, oral tradition, characters, and abstractions do indeed chase each other through the artist’s fevered narratives. These huge structures, three-dimensional paintings spanning several different series of works, are close to the imagery one might experience as part of a vision quest. Profoundly cohesive, each work forms its own narrative world, but also flows effortlessly into sync with the others in the room. With African culture and ancestry as her primary point of departure, the milieu consists of luminous, hothouse colors, prints teased into infinite abstraction, and curvilinear floral, ... More » »

Unraveled, Ballinglen

Joan Wadleigh Curran gives new life to the forgotten in Accumulation at Seraphin Gallery

Joan Waldeigh Curran’s exhibition Accumulation, at Seraphin Gallery until Feb. 3, 2013, showcases her unique still life compositions consisting of plant life and the discarded and overlooked object: trash. Curran’s colorful gouache paintings on black paper are composed of discarded items from three different locales: A Wyoming quarry, the coasts of Ballycastle, Ireland and the streets of Philadelphia. Curran’s paintings elevate everyday junk removed from its exterior context and arranged by the artist to create striking compositions. The work discusses the value system humans use to deem things unworthy of possession but does so without being an environmental critique. Instead, ... More » »


Albatross – Rebecca Saylor Sack at Seraphin Gallery

In the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner,” the albatross is an omen of both good and bad luck. Taking the seafaring bird as its title, Rebecca Saylor Sack’s latest body of work also revels in ambiguity. On view at Seraphin Gallery until March 25, the paintings in Albatross suggest creation and destruction. While these themes are evident in the artist’s large, titled works, the show also includes small, untitled, material studies using oil bar and spray paint. In the studies, the oil bar is used to add shine and dimensionality to the flat spray paint. These studies are primarily concerned ... More » »

Marina Borker, Tulips, 2007, acrylic on luan, 16.5 x 21 inches

Let’s Go Enjoy Nature at Seraphin

The title of the exhibit Let’s Go Enjoy Nature! is pretty funny. There’s nothing natural about standing in a gallery looking at art–an imitation of life. But art is the sincerest form of flattery. And speaking of the joys of what’s unnatural, air conditioning in this beastly weather is just the ticket.

Michael Kowbuz, "Honda", Oil on canvas, 16"x22" 2009

Curating the personal – I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Mind at Seraphin Gallery

Hiro Sakaguchi is an honest curator. His curatorial statement for “I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Mind” at Seraphin Gallery reads: “I choose artists whose works I want to see again for selfish reasons.” Simple enough. And, as uncalculated as his curation may be, Sakaguchi still managed to weave together a diverse and talented group of artists he discovered in the Philadelphia-area, all of whom tackle conceptually and aesthetically complicated issues with ease. By using personal taste to navigate the curatorial process, one begins to understand just what it is that Sakaguchi is interested in: detailed, relatively small ... More » »

Victor Vazquez, Parallel Lines, 2005, lambda impression, polyptych 40" x 60"

Line on Vazquez

The photographer Victor Vazquez makes a virtue of his defects. His nudes, for example, are not erotic. Yet as photographs they carry potent ideas. A lady in feathers, for instance, only evokes Santeria. Alas, poor chicken! Vazquez is a Puerto Rican nationalist. But his political views are neatly disciplined by a potent witty formalism. In this show, that formalism is often simply a white line.

Bonnie Brenda Scott, painting on target practice sheet at Seraphin Gallery's show, My Dog Speaks.

Weekly Update-My Dog Speaks at Seraphin Gallery

 This week’s Weekly has my review of My Dog Speaks.  Below is my copy with some pictures. Through the years artists have devoted gallons of paint and tons of plaster, clay and metal to the depiction of animals — beloved cats and dogs and heroic wild beasts.  If an animal-loving artist makes a self-portrait, chances are a beloved pet will appear in the work.  “My Dog Speaks” at Seraphin Gallery is a 13-artist group hug of the beasts of the earth. 

Team Strada's Rain Sail shelter at Gimme Shelter, Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education.

Saturday trifecta

From deep, Northwest Philly to Cape May and back, can Roberta and Libby trek it in one day.  We’re revving up our very non-formula ones for some serious consumption of gas and art this Saturday.  First off, you’ll see us at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education for the opening of Gimme Shelter which we helped to jury.  (Forgive us, SCEE, for our driving transgressions today which are not so eco-friendly.)

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