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sculpture of house on top of crate

Ma Chère Poo­Zee: Shelley Spector Crafts a Love that Dare Not Speak its Name – A Winning Essay in the Art Writing Contest!

[Dear Readers, today we begin publishing the essays of the 16 finalists in the New Art Writing Challenge Contest! Here is the fourth of four articles we publish today on Artblog and the St. Claire.  Thanks to all those who participated, submitting more than 70 articles. And thanks to our jurors — Hrag Vartanian, Abigail Satinsky and Nell McClister — who picked the winners. We are energized by all the wonderful writing that was submitted and know you will enjoy reading it! — the artblog editors] Grand Prize Winner Ma Chère Poo­Zee: Shelley Spector Crafts a Love that Dare Not Speak its Name By ... More » »


Shelley Spector — Keep the Home Fires Burning at the PMA

[Lauren enjoys an inviting sculpture-and-textile show by Shelley Spector, whom we’ve interviewed previously on artblog radio. Inspired by a mother-daughter collaboration, Spector repurposed found objects into pieces that deserve their own new family histories. — the artblog editors] Fiber and textile work can easily be misconstrued as crafty or kitschy, reminiscent of framed embroideries stating “Grandma Loves You,” and veering dangerously close to the territory of acrylic-yarn crocheted tea cozies adorned with googly-eyed cats. But then there are the select few who take that tiny thread and draw something beautiful with it, constructing mind-boggling structures from a single, continuous piece ... More » »


From the vault: Podcast interview with artist Shelley Spector

[During this radio blast from the past, meet artist Shelley Spector. She’s a longtime active member of the Philly arts community, and she has a new show up at the PMA, which runs until Sept. 27. — the artblog editors] Shelley Spector studied dance for many years–her mother was a dance teacher and taught dance classes out of the studio in the basement. So the idea of creating art that looks effortless–the way dancers make dancing look effortless–was built into Spector’s way of working. Spector founded the influential Spector Gallery on 6th and Bainbridge in 1999, and that space, which ... More » »

"Gay, Jewish or Both" - A collaborative installation between designer Bernardo Margulis and NAPOLEON founding member Leslie Friedman.

Gay, Jewish or Both

[Leah delves into tropes associated with both the gay and Jewish communities, and examines how a new show challenges expectations. — the artblog editors] When I initially heard about Gay, Jewish, or Both at NAPOLEON, I was very enthusiastic. The subject is a delicate one; however, it is also very contemporary and full of potential for rich discourse. The exhibition is perplexing. On the one hand, I was not sure how I felt, but on the other, I knew that I was being asked to digest some difficult ideas. As a Jew who was raised by a lesbian, I often ... More » »

Mariposa, wood and wool, 24½ ’ x 13½’, 2010 - 2012.

News – Hennessy Youngman’s found art discourse, Isaac Lin & Leah Bailis in Austin, Doug Witmer curates at TSA, opportunities and more!

News In the vein of similar endeavors by Rauschenberg, Hammons and Orozco, greg.org posted an amusing item about Hennessy Youngman (aka Jayson Musson) selling found objects on the street via his twitter feed. The resulting tweets are predictably priceless, Athena Barat, long known to us as a powerhouse of art and social practice, was recently honored when the Women’s Center for Entrepreneurship Corporation jointly awarded her and her mother Chandri Woman of the Year. Athena, a former Philly resident, created The South Philly Biennial in 2008, and has been supporting her family’s foundation at their home base in Newark. Douglas Witmer ... More » »


From the vault – November, 2003 – Our art in the middle of the street

Ed. note: In celebration of artblog’s 10-year anniversary, we are bringing you content from our inaugural year, 2003. In November, 2003, we were peering our peepers towards the pavement. Viewed from above or below, we relished street art’s accessibility as something we can view while waiting for the bus or walking to work. We kept an eye out for painted street signs, symbolic graffiti tags and those colorful mural-covered honor boxes sponsored by Mattathias Schwartz and the Philadelphia Independent. The art was intriguing in all of its casual and anonymous forms and the successes of our search had us dancing ... More » »

Shelley Spector, "The Mend."

Shelley Spector’s personal and communal world at Bridgette Mayer Gallery

In her first solo show at Bridgette Mayer Gallery (through Feb. 23), Shelley Spector includes a variety of objects that bridge the gaps between found art, domestic wares, and nostalgic trinkets. A series of prints and a room-sized installation round out the three-part, one-person exhibit that offers variety and depth. By far the largest one of Spector’s works is the project “Mariposa.” In the room farthest to the back of Bridgette Mayer, Spector lines the walls with a long, wraparound shelf located at waist level. On the shelf rest every shape, size, and composition of spools wrapped with bright red ... More » »


Shelley Spector on making things look effortless, and on the Philly art scene – a podcast on artblog radio

Shelley Spector studied dance for many years — her mother was a dance teacher and taught dance classes out of the studio in the basement. So the idea of creating art that looks effortless — the way dancers make dancing look effortless — was built into Shelley’s way of working. Spector founded the influential Spector Gallery on 6th and Bainbridge in 1999, and that space, which closed in 2006, was a launching pad for a lot of young Philadelphia artists, like Jim Houser, Adam Wallacavage, Andrew Jeffrey Wright, Rebecca Westcott, and Rob Matthews.  For many years Shelley showed her work ... More » »

The "Hunger Games" Mockingjay brooch, by Tim O'Brien.

News Post – Tech Week creativity, Croquis Cafe, Ingrid Schaffner at A.I.R., opportunities and more!

News Gallery news – Dalet Gallery is partnering with Headlong Dance Theater for a special body performance installation, “Situations for Unlikely Bodies,” a work-in-progress by Sheila Zagar, Jaamil Kosoko and Caroline Stinger of Headlong. The performance is Sunday April 15  — drop in between 7:30pm and 9pm.  Fjord Gallery, 2419 Frankford is a new-to-us Kensington contemporary gallery and studio space started by Lindsay Chandler and three other local artists. opens on the First Friday of May. We think this is a terrific tool for artists who lack access to live models! The Croquis Cafe, an online collection of artist’s models, provides one-, two- and ... More » »

Michael, Konrad, Reign Free, 2012, umbrella canopies, tarp, tent poles, zippers, velcro

West Philadelphia looking is good

Art in West Philadelphia is blooming with the early flowers of this super-heated spring, partially thanks to the mix of artists who are making a trip to the farmer’s market or the cafe turn into a bohemian rhapsody. The gallery at the University City Arts League is offering up more lively, more sophisticated fare lately thanks to some new leadership. Fortieth Street Artists in Residence continues to percolate with an occasional good show and on-campus Penn-related galleries, often unengaged in the local wealth of the city art scene, are heading for homeplate. At Fortieth Street AIR, which is always engaged ... More » »

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