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Judith Schaechter

Last month to see Judith Schaechter’s wonderful stained glass installation at Eastern State Penitentiary

Judith Schaechter’s amazing stained glass windows — a temporary site-specific installation — are due to come down Dec. 2.  Judith wrote us with this news and added: “My work is usually seen in light boxes.  At Eastern State, it is installed directly in the architecture and as such the images are dynamically powered by nature—the weather,  the time of day and the season.  With constantly changing light, the works truly come alive!!  Seriously, if you like my work, you don’t want to miss this!” Here’s what I wrote about the piece last year when it first opened…From the artblog vault, ... More » »

Exhibitions Currently in in D.C.

I was in D.C. once again for Arts Advocacy Day and, unfortunately for those of us in the arts business, it was the least pressing issue on the hill. I saw some very good exhibitions during my time there, however. In the tower of the National Gallery of Art‘s East Building, is a small exhibition of Nam June Paik’s work – and it should be smaller still, because One Candle, Candle Projection (1988–2000) is worth the ascent all by itself, even if the climb has to be done entirely by foot (although there is an elevator; a very slow one).

Crowd members interacting with the Light Drift display

Light Drift and Philly Works – Design Philadelphia 2010 out-takes

I still remember being introduced to Close Encounters of the Third Kind as a child. For a long while after my first viewing of the film, the five variable notes and flashing colors of the climactic mother ship scene stuck with me. They evoked a magic redolent of youthful innocence, which later television would dissipate through endless reruns on AMC. Eventually, even Richard Dreyfuss’s eternally boyish charm could no longer salvage an image made stale with repetition. Last Friday, October 15, thanks to the Light Drift display on the banks of the Schuylkill River, I was transported momentarily back to ... More » »

Judith Schaechter, Cold Genius, from her last solo exhibit at Claire Oliver Gallery

Fundraising alert – Judith Schaechter needs you

We got a note recently from that wonderful artist Judith Schaechter who is fundraising to make and install ten new stained glass windows in ten cells at Eastern State Penitentiary. Judith makes beautiful stained glass on subjects with contemporary social meaning — loneliness, our culture of excess, the conflicted role of a woman in our society (sex object, goddess, whipping girl).  She’s long wanted to do a project at the old prison, and it seems to us her project is a perfect match for the site.  Judith needs funds to make the work and to install it in the prison. ... More » »



 “Liquid Modernity” by the Russian artist Andrei Molodkin opened in the spectacular new Orel Art gallery in London last week. Redolent of a wedding ceremony we witnessed a juxtaposition of two different closed circuit energy states corsetted in tubes configured to reproduce two Russian prison cells. Light was wearing her neon chiffon which produced a wonderful  chaud froid effect. The groom’s proboscis was sucking from a 10 gallon drum of  authentic fine Russian crude to top himself off.  A special page-less edition of “Das Kapital” with hollow Vampire typeface half filled with oil served as the Holy book. The walls were ... More » »


Stained glass and dripped paint, New York II

I’m long overdue telling you about the rest of our trip to New York. See Libby’s post for first installment. Here’s my report on the shows by our town’s fabulous Judith Schaechter at Claire Oliver Fine Art and by German artist Neo Rauch at David Zwirner. Both shows are excellent, and luckily they’re both up for a while (Schaechter til June 11 and Rauch through June 18). So get on by and see them. Through the glass darkly This is Schaechter’s second solo exhibit with the gallery. The stained glass artist, whose resume now includes the 2002 Whitney Biennial, a ... More » »