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Books that have crossed my desk

[Andrea offers brief reviews of two books she recently enjoyed, each very different. One focuses on how light–in its many incarnations–appears and is used as a tool in African Diaspora visual practices; the other on artists’ interest in history and its artifacts. — the artblog editors] Krista Thompson, Shine: The Visual Economy of Light in African Diasporic Aesthetic Practice (Duke University Press, Durham: 2015) ISBN 978-0-8223-5807-7 Krista Thompson explores the common use of light, shine, and “bling bling” as a means of self-fashioning and collective agency by African-American, Bahamian, and Jamaican youth culture. She also traces these effects in the work of contemporary ... More » »

'Starting Over' installation view, Temple Bar Gallery and Studios

Dublin – Temple Bar Gallery + Studios and the Irish Museum of Modern Art

—>Andrea visits two contemporary art spaces in Dublin and sees some highly conceptual art –the artblog editors———————-> Starting Over at Temple Bar Gallery + Studios (June 21 – Aug. 24, 2013) is a dense and highly thought-out exhibition of work that will amply reward visitors, even those unable to connect all of the dots. It is somewhat like those Chinese puzzles of one carved sphere within another, which is inside yet another, and my own understanding was greatly enriched by a long conversation with Mark O’Kelly, an artist who curated the exhibition and who has a studio in the facility. ... More » »

Lorem Ipsum, part 2, detail view

Digital Colors Concealing the Bleakness Within: Victoria Fu at Marginal Utility and UArts

Victoria Fu has a developing ability to make blandness visually entrancing.  Clearly, she’s an artist who can take the “filler” that most of us block out every day and make it her subject matter.  Fu had two shows in Philadelphia this month – Lorem Ipsum, a premiere of new work at Marginal Utility (through May 26) and Time in Three Parts at the University of the Arts (now closed). Lorem Ipsum submerses you into pure, beautiful environments, gently controlled by the geometric interruption of digital editing. But there’s a darker, thematic bleakness at the center of this and other works by ... More » »

Tacita Dean, JG, 2013. Color and black & white anamorphic 35mm film with optical sound,
261⁄2 minutes.

Primordial and meditative – Tacita Dean’s film JG at Arcadia University Art Gallery

It’s Tacita Dean season in Philadelphia. With her six films of Merce Cunningham performing a John Cage piece, STILLNESS, at the Fabric Workshop and Museum and the debut of her new film JG at Arcadia University Art Gallery, the British-born, Berlin-based artist and champion of 16mm filmmaking makes her case for the old school methods in a pithy and beautiful work. JG could be the poster child for the slow film movement, if there was one. The 26 1/2 minute meditation on landscape, time and death and life in the natural world, unfolds like time itself, speeding up or slowing ... More » »

Jacolby Satterwhite's "The Matriarch's Rhapsody."

News post – Tacita Dean at Arcadia, NY accolades for Jacolby Satterwhite, Philly Photo Day book, opportunities and more!

News An exciting presentation of works by British artist Tacita Dean is coming to the region this month, to continue throughout the spring. To start with, Arcadia University Art Gallery is hosting Dean’s film JG, inspired by Dean’s correspondence with British author J. G. Ballard. This work employs the same technique seen in FILM, Dean’s 2011 project for Tate Modern’s Turbine Hall, and uses Dean’s recently developed and patented system of aperture gate masking. The exhibition commences with a lecture by Dean, organized by Gallery Director Richard Torchia, in the Commons Great Room on February 7 at 6:30 PM. Additional events at Arcadia continue through April 21, including a lecture on ... More » »