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fountain with green water

The 2014 Libertas!

(Dear folks, 2014 was a good year for TheArtblog and we hope it was great for you as well. 2014 saw 433 new posts on TheArtblog, an average of 36 a month, including reviews, interviews, news, podcasts, comics and more reviews! We began our Knight-funded  The Artist and Social Responsibility Project and many of you gave generously for this groundbreaking collaboration between TheArtblog, local colleges and The Village of Arts and Humanities.  We Thank You and look for your continued support in 2015 as he class begins! Without further ado, the 2014 Libertas, brought to you by Roberta, Dre Grigoropol and Lianna ... More » »

Frank Bramblett, Accomplished, 2000-2013, ink on paper (far wall); Ryan McCartney installation (center)

One minute speed read – Woodmere’s Annual Juried show, crunchy and delicious!

Woodmere’s 72nd Annual Juried exhibition samples from the new Philadelphia art pie, the one that’s crunchy and conceptual with sweetness and bite. Jurors Dona Nelson and Rubens Ghenov picked a couple of noisy, extroverted pieces and many quiet contemplative works that make an excellent Ode to Joy for the current hot Philadelphia art scene. Frank Bramblett’s deadpan wallpapering of his daily task lists from the last 13 years, “Accomplishments,” is not only a the most unexpected work in the show, it’s a great conceptual project; a dynamite work on paper; and the best collision of the literal and the imaginative ... More » »

Contents of one of the 100 trash bags archived at the Icebox in Refuse Reuse: Language for a Common Landfill

The lost and found words of Refuse Reuse at the Crane Icebox

A hint of bleach wafted through the Icebox when I visited last Thursday night for the closing reception of Refuse Reuse: Language for the Common Landfill, a ten-day project organized by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney and featuring work by a host of volunteers. In this project, where people’s throwaways became fodder for creative writing, volunteers Chris Golas and Joe DiGiuseppi were the trash rustlers, wrangling black trashbags from Philadelphia streets (they made a video of their curbside pickups, which was projected on a pile of white trash bags).  And a host of artists, musicians and writers volunteered to create ... More » »

episode 12 safari

artblog Art Safari, Episode 12 – Philly Pickup Truck Expo at the Icebox

We got a sneak peek at the Philly Pickup Truck Exposition last Friday night, June 1, at Crane Arts. The one-night event was not until the next night, June 2, but the organizers graciously allowed us to crash their installation in progress. The Icebox was filled with the trucks, their hoods up, and with artists making installations for the flatbeds and cabs. The Expo was organized by Tim Belknap and Ryan McCartney, who saw the event as an opportunity to bring some people together, have fun, and show off their trucks (and art). In this 2.45 minute video we see ... More » »

Justin Matherly, "New Beaches."

News post – Eraserhead at PhilaMOCA, Shanker and Belknap at Airplane, Art for the Cash Poor and more!

News Perhaps woodworking and American leadership have more in common than we knew? Former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell is having a book signing at the Center for Art in Wood today from 5:30 to 8.  A Nation of Wusses: How America’s Leaders Lost the Guts to Make Us Great hits stands on June 4, 2012. More information at the Center for Art in Wood site.  Ever want to meet the face behind philly artblog?  Laura Adams, our intrepid sponsorship coordinator and able right hand, is having her first solo show of small oil paintings at Artists House, beginning with an opening ... More » »


Tim Belknap, next up on our podcast series, artblog radio

In early December Tim Belknap set up a small, brightly-lit open-walled cube inside Temple Gallery that was an almost-convincing replica of a space capsule. The cube, no longer there, was called the Destiny Module, a reference to the US Space Station’s Science Lab, and was part of Belknap’s project to beam Astronaut Tim via Skype video into a Philadelphia 4th grade classroom for a science talk.    Tim — who is not a scientist or astronaut but an artist and Fleisher Challenge winner with a mischievous sense of play — harnessed himself to a cable attached to heavy metal beams ... More » »

Carolee Schneemann at Tiger Strikes Asteroid

First Saturday roundup — Tiger, Napoleon, Vox and more

Cate and I went to the Vox building the Saturday after First Friday (which is usually a great day to go — mostly, the audio-video-robo works will be functioning; and often artists are lurking who will talk with you about what they’re up to).  We found a bunch of good stuff at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, Napoleon and Vox Populi. TIGER STRIKES ASTEROID

Tim Belknap's watery dumpster with battleship action at the DCCA.

Weekly Update – First Friday happens everywhere

This week’s Weekly has my First Friday roundup.  Below is the copy with some pictures. In the world of visual art, kinetic sculpture is like the kindergartner in a room full of grown-ups—loud, rambunctious and ready to have a good time. Delaware Center for the Contemporary Art ’s anniversary show, “SHIFT: Kinetic Sculptures,” is a perfect example. Eight artists— including Philadelphia’s Tim Belknap—present works using electronics, motors, compressed air, water and found objects (including a trash container, a motorcycle and cow bones). The works may remind you of children’s toys or mad science experiments. Belknap’s water-filled trash container feels like ... More » »

Susanna Gieske, You Can't Help Yourself. The family here is eating in the middle of the exhibition.

Victory for Philadelphia

The three top prizes at this year’s Victory for Tyler exhibit (subtitled Sculpture 2009), went to Philadelphia artists. The huge, 29-artist exhibit attracted 500 people to Saturday’s opening at the Ice Box at the Crane Arts Center. There is a second opening tonight, at The Crane’s Second Thursday, 6-9 p.m.  that will include some more performances. So it would be a good time to go if you missed the opening, since performance was a key part of so many of the pieces.

Weekly Update – Social commentary at Fleisher Challenge 1

This week’s Weekly has my review of Wind Fleisher Challenge 1 at Fleisher Art Memorial. Below is the copy with some pictures. More photos at flickr. And see our interview with Tim Belknap here. Tim Belknap’s hand-built ice cream truck with its pineapple greenhouse on wheels at the Fleisher Challenge. With the exception of shopping mall artist Thomas Kinkade, most contemporary artists have a complicated relationship with beauty. The artists of the first Wind Fleisher Challenge are no exception: None of their works could be considered beautiful by traditional standards. Solar panel on top of ice cream truck. The artist ... More » »

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