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"Woodpeckers," by sculptor-turned-painter Ann Chabhandour.

News post – Kim Sajet to head National Portrait Gallery, happy tenth for Green Line, Ann Chahbandour at Towson, opportunities and more!

News This week brings major accolades for Kim Sajet, currently the president and CEO of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, and now the director of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. A Portland gallery with a Philadelphia flavor opens: Amy Adams and John Ollman of Fleisher/Ollman Gallery have teamed up to open a new gallery in Portland, OR. Adams and Ollman, founded to showcase 20th century self-taught American artists and contemporary artists for Portland, opens with an exhibition of two and three-dimensional works by Philadelphia artist Bill Walton. The show is on view from March 1–April 27, 2013. Between this, the recent ... More » »

The "Winter Down" bridge and structure inside The Icebox, inside Crane.

Little Barnes on the Prairie – Winter Down’s jewel box salon at the Crane’s Icebox

Curators Timothy Belknap and Ryan McCartney harness the meta-ness of our zeitgeist by constructing a physical gallery within the massive confines of the Icebox project space at the Crane Arts Building. The exhibition, “Winter Down,” includes work by five artists – Amy Lincoln, Beth Livensperger, Mike Stifel, Becky Suss, and Douglas Witmer – all displayed in the skewed, pentagonal gallery-within-a-gallery constructed specifically for this show. Upon stepping into the Icebox at Crane, the first thing to confront the viewer is a white-walled, open-topped structure smack dab in the center of the room. Leading up to the fifth (missing) side is a hanging, ... More » »

"Moving Towards Entropy," lawnmower, 2011

Belknapʼs bizarro world at Rebekah Templeton

Ordnance, Timothy Belknapʼs solo show at Rebekah Templeton, is a humorous and fun explosion of colors, textures, and forms. in this comment on the dangers in the American dream, Belknap deploys a surrealist and almost cartoonish eye to mash up the everyday benign with a suggestion of real physical harm or deformity. Some of the unexpected occurrences in this strange world include plastic skeletons coming to life, a lawn mower squirting its engine into the air, and a display of succulent fancy cakes concocted out of multi-colored fireworks.

New Fleisher Challenge winners–plus money!

Timothy Belknap and his brothers plus a girlfriend on the drums (I’m not sure whose) performing at FLUXspace in June 2007. Fleisher Art Memorial‘s juried Wind Challenge Exhibition Series will be awarding the next batch of winners an honorarium of $1,000 each, the first time in its history, the program announced. This is great news and a swell way to celebrate its 30th anniversary (the first Challenge exhibits were in the 1978-1979 season)!!! The coming year’s winners for the ’08-’09 season are: Timothy Belknap, installationKara Crombie, videoCheryl Harper, sculptureJohanna Inman, photographyMark Khaisman, installationYvonne Lung, installationHope Rovelto, sculptureJohn Slaby, paintingConstantina Zavitsanos, ... More » »

2007 Liberta awards!

Belknap Brothers perform at FLUXspace. PREAMBLEIt was a year of utopian thinking with ambitious new venues run by young artists just out of school. In addition, several community-spirited galleries found their voice. Welcome to all of you builders of a better world: Bobos, Basho, Rebecca Templeton, FluxSpace, Yo!, Little Berlin, !, Midwives Collective, The Other Woman, The Seed Collective, etc. etc. etc. These real collectives put Second Life to shame and show it to be a chimera of the internet. We at artblog are realists and activists. We know the Philadelphia art world has blossomed into an international art destination ... More » »


Innocence lost, innocence found–The Day After

untitled painting by Joe Protheroe Post-Minimalism and Post-Photoshopism and Post-Illustratorism have all joined forces to abhor the straight line and perspective, abhor the mass produced, abhor the slick perfection and abhor the uniformity that Minimalism and computer graphics–and advertising–promised. Those were the formal issues that struck me silly when I walked into Slought to see The Day After, an exhibit of work by recent MFA graduated of Penn, Tyler and PAFA. To put it another way, this show is sad and angry, a declaration of innocence lost and dreams tucked away. The Day After is literal in these students’ lives, ... More » »