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Detail view of Phobos, left, and Epiphany: Father Time, right

Sacred geometry and travels through time and space with Dechemia at Rebekah Templeton

The experience of art in a gallery requires spending sufficient time to allow the senses to be lifted into the world of the work on the walls surrounding you. Artists Isobel Sollenberg and John Gibbons (collectively known as Dechemia) have embraced this understanding of art viewing, designing their pieces like parts of an environment that welcome and threaten to swallow you whole as they beckon towards infinity, as though one were looking into an enchanted well. Dechemia, which in Latin translates to “of chemistry,” are currently presenting new works in the show “Outside of Time,” up at Rebekah Templeton Contemporary ... More » »

Our basecamp on Oak Island

Travel: A kinder gentler beach

The whole North Carolina June vacation started at the University City Arts League auction. Someone had donated a week at a nice beach house for bidding. My arm kept popping up to raise my bid until I exhausted my competition. Yesss. We did not know what I had bid on or where it was, really. After a bit of research into Oak Island, which is in the Cape Fear area north of Myrtle Beach, we decided to drive (a big thank you here to Michael Connelly’s The Fifth Witness, on audio, which engrossed us down and back). On the way ... More » »

Mountains in Lofoten, Norway, 10:00 PM

Above the Arctic Circle in Norway, industrial parks and art in Berlin, John Baldessari in Amsterdam

Our plane from JFK  touched down on Norwegian soil around 9:15 AM, Oslo time. My last aerial glances revealed Norwegian fields spread over long ripples of irregular landscape like crinkled foil, the plots creating a puzzle (not of squares like in America’s Midwest) but of triangles and polygons, which suggested people in a more relaxed oneness with the land.

Where can you find a good motel? Report from Baja

Another great travelog from my brother, Barry–Libby It took your intrepid travelers four nights in three countries to find a decent motel room. It was hard, we covered a lot of ground, but we persevered and in the end did it.

Pothole challenge and two-sloth night–report from Costa Rica

Post by Barry Rosof My brother Barry and his wife Louise have fled Edmonton for the winter (good move) and are lolling in warmer climes–well not exactly lolling. Louise has traveling feet, and Barry is a serious hiker who is happy to accompany her on adventures. Here’s Barry’s report on the challenges of touring Costa Rica: — Libby I like to drive. Having a challenge is not necessarily bad. Driving in Costa Rica presents many challenges. The roads have exceedingly sharp curves. The curves can follow one another without letup, for kilometers. That is the start.