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Buried Panamanian treasures and mummy conservation –- live! –- at the Penn Museum

[Andrea digs into an engrossing exhibit that will fascinate art lovers and archaeology enthusiasts alike; she points out that the Penn Museum’s ancillary programming allows for some seriously in-depth connection with this show. — the artblog editors] Like the artifacts on view, many of them hidden in museum storerooms since the 1940s, the exhibition Beneath the Surface: Life, Death, and Gold in Ancient Panama at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (the Penn Museum), on view Feb. 7 – November 2015, exists on multiple levels. The collection of figured gold objects and particularly striking ceramics made by the Coclé ... More » »

“The Great Lenin Illuminated Our Path,” (translated from Russian),
Russia, ca. 1930s. During the Cold War the Soviet government
supported freedom fighters in Africa and activists in the United States.

Black bodies in propaganda: the art of the war poster at the Penn Museum

[Andrea reviews a collection of propaganda posters centering around African-Americans, thoughtfully placing them in historical context. –the artblog editors] Black Bodies in Propaganda: The Art of the War Poster at the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology  (the Penn Museum), which runs through March 3, 2014, can be appreciated for social, political, historic, or artistic reasons, and it delivers on all fronts. The collection of posters was assembled by the Lasry Family Professor of Race Relations, and Professor of Sociology and Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania, Tukufu Zuberi, known to public television viewers for his work ... More » »