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Shanyn Fiske at Street Road. Photo courtesy of the gallery.

News post – New Boon(e) Crit Night, Barbara DeGenevieve @voxpopuliglry, Paul Chan @slought_org, opportunities and more!

News On Saturday, April 18 at 8 pm AUX Performance Space is putting on two performative lectures and a screening of the work of Barbara DeGenevieve. Barbara De Genevieve: To Be Alive is to Move from the Known to the Unknown (1947-2014), an evening of dedications, includes “Mentor to Mentee – Legacy” a lecture on the importance of mentorship and its lasting influence on DeGenevieve; and a performative lecture by Lisa Wainwright and Alan Labb (both of School of the Art Institute of Chicago) entitled “Barbara DeGenevieve and the pornographic sublime–a tribute {or “50 shades of fuck”}.” Exploring DeGenevieve’s writings ... More » »

Faythe Levine, from the series "Time Outside of Time," 2010–ongoing. Photograph, 22 x16 inches.

News post – Talkback from NYC art fairs, Vox hosts Riot Grrrl exhibit, Bodega re-opens, opportunities and more!

News via Arch Enemy Arts – We could try to capture in words what the atmosphere of this week has been like for artists presenting/having their life forces drained at city fairs, but this photo, from Arch Enemy Arts, is a fait accompli. “Repost. Very late last night. Hanging our show at Fountain NYC. @noahgalleryml caught me praying for coffee.” We’re taking in the feedback on this year’s Whitney Biennial with a necessary amount of side-eye. It’s great! It’s boring! It’s great in places and boring in others! Earth-shattering. Anthony Elms’ curated floor, though, has been a magnet for people ... More » »

Caitlin Masley, mobile made from upstairs bathroom floor materials, viewed from above (2012).

Art in the house – Interventions at Isidro Blasco’s on Tulip Street

INTERVENTIONS was a one-weekend project on October 20-21 curated by Spanish, New York-based artist Isidro Blasco. He’d just bought a ramshackle house—2009 Tulip Street in Kensington, near the Berks El stop—and invited six artists to create site-sensitive works before the renovations begin. Todd Baldwin, who I met when he was a guest artist at Vox Populi last winter, is an artist in the apartment show and he invited me to snoop around. We’ll get to his delicate, winding sculpture in one of the bedrooms in a minute, but—first things first—let’s take a tour of the ground floor. Caitlin Masley’s dove-like ... More » »