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"Junkyard Office with TV"

Book review – Joe’s Junk Yard, Lisa Kereszi’s homage to a family’s business and the people who ran it

Joe’s Junk Yard, Lisa Kereszi’s photo-chronicle of her family’s junkyard in the South Philly suburbs, begins with Lisa’s two essays, “Scrap with Joe” and “Down the Yard,” telling the history of the family business. Kereszi’s grandfather Joe Kereszi founded Joe’s Junkyard in 1949. After his death in 1992, her grandmother Eloyse and her father Joe Jr. ran it until 2003, when they sold it to the sons of Joe’s brother Lou, who ran a more prosperous junkyard next door. The junkyard was a magnet for broken down cars and hard luck people, and its aura pulls me in. There’s a ... More » »

Through You: Contemporary photos at Penn

Thomas Ruff, Portrait (Thomas M. Schell), 1987, C-print, 210.8 x 160 cm “Hot” is what Gabe Martinez promised, trying to get Roberta and me to the photography exhibit Through You. And he’s right. It’s hot not just because it’s from steamy Miami. This the second big photography exhibit to come here from Miami to a college art gallery. Through You, at the University of Pennsylvania, is from the Martin Z. Margulies collection, widely acknowledged as one of the top collections in the country (I can’t find who ranked it, alas). (The previous Miami big photo collection exhibit, from Dennis Scholl, ... More » »