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News post – Penn + Pentimenti’s stellar collaboration, Rebecca Gilbert in New Mexico, Tom Devaney book launch, opportunities and more!

News Pentimenti’s latest, most exciting project is The ARTacama Project, billed as “A Critical Partnership between Science, Technology, Education & the Fine Arts.” Held on Thursday, May 14 from 6-8 PM at Charles Addams Fine Arts Gallery, ARTacama is a partnership between the Atacama Cosmology Telescope (ACT), led by a team including Prof. Mark Devlin and NASA Space Technology Research Fellow Benjamin Schmitt, (University of Pennsylvania Department of Physics and Astronomy), artist and professor Jackie Tileston, (PennDesign Fine Arts, University of Pennsylvania), and Christine Pfister, Director, (Pentimenti Gallery). Some background: since its creation in early 2012, The ARTacama Project has ... More » »

We'll be back © Zoe Strauss

Photographer Zoe Strauss frames destruction, hope, tenacity at Cantor Fitzgerald Gallery

[Evan takes in a disaster-focused show by local photographer Zoe Strauss, whose interest in marginalized communities has won her attention and acclaim. — the artblog editors] Zoe Strauss is a photographer who has already asserted a deliberate and clear identity in her various endeavors by photographing instinctually and frequently, amassing a large library of color images often depicting the stories of the marginalized and struggling. She is conscious, as all photographers should be, not just of the material output of her camera but of the ramifications of her works’ use and the lasting effect of the final product. Many artists ... More » »

Sarah Sze. Courtesy of the artist and Victoria Miro.

News post – Leeway winners, Sarah Sze at Victoria Miro, Doug Witmer at PAFA, opportunities and more!

News Douglas Witmer, in addition to a raft of new studio happenings, has a show of Recent Paintings at Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts‘s Alumni Gallery. Opening on Wednesday, January 28, the exhibition runs through Sunday, April 12. Given the architectural challenges of the building, Doug writes, his collection is being prepared with the space in mind “and I’m looking forward to see how the interaction plays out when my 21st Century paintings meet a Victorian backdrop.” Us, too!   The Leeway Foundation gave out its 2014 Transformation Award recently, granting $135,000 to nine women and trans* artists from the Philadelphia region. They are: ... More » »

Bill Plank.

News post – Judith Schaechter awards and acquisitions, Phillyosophy has a winner, TCNJ’s huge alumni show, opportunities and more!

News   Adelina Vlas, a friend of ours, is leaving her position as contemporary art curator at the PMA and journeying to a new one in Toronto! Last week was her going away party, where Roberta and many others came to say their goodbyes. Seven years in Philly, and now a new chapter at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. It feels like only a month ago that we wrote up Visit Philadelphia’s Phillyosophy Photo Contest (which is true), and that tons of fantastic submissions were made (which is also true). We now have a winner, chosen by Philadelphia ... More » »

Yoko Yuki, Barikan, 2011, part of Lyrical Hysterical. Photo courtesy of Oof.

News post – Plato’s Porno Cave open for biz, Bait’s Open Meeting on working artists, Nancy Agati goes to Boulder, opportunities and more!

News   This year’s Plato’s Porno Cave is coming up fast, with a whole new retinue of events taking place in, around and about the titular cave. Among the highlights is a small standalone interactive piece by Julius Ferraro, whose coverage of last year’s PPC we quite enjoyed. The Fairgrounds’ 4th Plato’s Porno Cave is the 3rd at Little Berlin, and the 2nd with a month of programming. There’s a partial calendar of events, and the remaining events to be determined include a series of film nights. More information is available on each Facebook event page, so check them out ... More » »


News post – in memory of Terry Adkins, Zoe Strauss auction by FPA, Dom Streater takes to NYFW, opportunities and more.

News   Sad news from over the weekend: Terry Adkins passed away at the age of sixty. Finding a starting point for his achievements is difficult, but he was one of our most treasured artists, not to mention an extremely gifted professor at Penn who taught and influenced lots of us. There are numerous articles on artblog about him, in addition to notes of remembrance from Gallerist NY and PennDesign. Look for his latest work, three-dimensional representations of bird songs made from cymbals and percussion instruments at this year’s Whitney Biennial 2014 (March 7 – May 25, 2014). Becca Jennings, press contact at ... More » »

Yoko Ono/John Lennon, Rape, film.

Crimes and misdemeanors – No Bingo for Felons at Arcadia University

(Sam’s sees work inspired by crime, criminality and the grip that violence has on our imaginations in a show at Arcadia University Art Gallery.–the artblog editors) No Bingo for Felons at Arcadia University explores the parallels between artistic acts and legal transgression. Guest curated by Julian Hoeber and Alix Lambert,  the exhibit includes portrayals of guns, bombs, police officers and crime scenes. With works by Honore Daumier, Yoko Ono, Zoe Strauss, and Dirk Skreber, among many others, the show takes a satirical perspective towards the legal system and forms of authority. But it is unclear whether this show ever answers it’s proposed ... More » »

Annette Monnier

Decade-of-artblog videos, Episode 9 – What are you excited about in Philadelphia?

The end is near! This is Episode 9 in the 10-episode Decade of artblog series. In this 3:11-minute episode we ask people what they are excited about in Philadelphia right now. The video was shot in the summer, so some things mentioned are past.  But hear what’s on peoples’ minds — From Hidden City and Citywide, to Design Philadelphia, the Fringe Festival and the opening of 3rd Ward (now closed!) eleven people tell us what they’re really excited about. Next week we wrap it up! (Click the headline of this post to get to the video.) [Note from the editor: What ... More » »

Rokni Haerizadeh, gesso, ink and watercolor on printed paper. Courtesy of Galerie Isabelle van den Eynde, Dubai, and the artist

The 2013 Carnegie International – Some great community gems in the midst of a comfort zone of familiar art

While it doesn’t push the envelope or any obvious buttons, the 2013 Carnegie International serves up delights and high points along with the comfort and reassurance of familiar faces. It’s a humanist show that is mining territory that’s been mined before – history, community, anti-capitalism. And bravo for all that! Community and Archival Projects Many artists featured in the show are working with communities.  Here are our favorites. Let’s hear it for Zoe Strauss!  She didn’t win the Carnegie Prize or the Fine Prize (those went to Nicole Eisenman and Zanele Muholi respectively — congrats to those two wonderful women ... More » »

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Decade-of-artblog videos – Episode 2!

In Episode 2 of our series, four members of the Philadelphia art community talk about how artblog creates community and provides many important services.  Two minutes long!  Sweet.

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