Jerry Saltz loves Matthew Barney


My introduction to Matthew Barney’s art came in Jerry Saltz’s Art in America cover story (Oct. 1996). Saltz’s critical gush about Barney’s sexually weird universe (goat-eared fairies, Goodyear blimp phalluses, new types of genitalia!!) was enough to get your curiosity up – if not your dander. (As for Saltz, he’s still gushing! ) What’s the big deal about dressing up in a white suit, donning white pancake makeup, goat ears and cloven lip and dancing around with other guys and women dressed (or undressed). Oh, well maybe it was a big deal. But I’ve seen one of the Cremaster’s (Cremaster 1 at the PMA, Aug. 2001) and lost in the big art production values is its human heart.


jerry saltz, matthew barney



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