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Other Baltimore delights


Post from Jason Urban

Hello Libby and Roberta,

AVAM is defintely the flagship of the Baltimore art scene but there are quite a few other spots worth investigation should you get back down there. School 33, the Creative Alliance, Area 405, Chela (which may or may not still be around), and Spare Room are all worth a visit depending on the month. And there are quite a few DIY-type spaces. In the year I lived there (before moving to Philly) I found it to be a very open and friendly city to work in… very supportive and there’s alot of character. The residents pride themselves in eccentricity- the John Waters Factor. But I guess artblog can only cover so many towns, right? (image is Urban’s painting “George Reeves Memorial”)

[ed.note: sad but true, Jason, Artblog only stretches so far. But we hope others will check out your suggestions and report back.]

Jason Urban is a Philadelphia artist whose work was shown at the late Spartaco Gallery. Read Libby’s post for more on that show. You can see his painting in the juried “Young Art Alliance” show at Philadelphia Art Alliance. Brian Wallace of the Galleries at Moore College put the show together.