Philly in New York alerts

Alert 1: Two founding members of Space 1026–Ben Woodward and Max Lawrence–are going to be showing work at Jonathan LeVine Gallery June 4 to July 2, in a four-artist group show, Fork in the Road. The two other artist in the show are Matt Haber from Los Angeles and Mars 1 (aka Mario Martinez) from San Francisco . Woodward and Lawrence currently show at Spector Gallery in Philadelphia (image, Lawrence’s “The Moorish Chief” after the painting by Eduard Charlemont, gouache and resin on board, 22″ x 18″).

The artists are all heavily influenced by the cartoon, graffiti, sci-fi, fantasy and pop culture aesthetics that defined the 70s and 80s, according to the press release.

Gallery owner LeVine was the proprietor of Tin Man Alley in Philadelphia and prior to that in New Hope before moving to his current Chelsea digs in January.

Alert 2: Jim Houser, another founder of Space 1026, who currently has a show up at Spector will be showing at LeVine July 16 to Aug. 13 (see post and follow the link there to Roberta’s Philadelphia Weekly review of the show).


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