Pirates and Hillbillies at Space 1026

cannonball press at space 1026
Cannonball Press at Space 1026. First Friday July 2006.
Photo courtesy of Roberta.

The atmosphere was relaxed when I arrived at Space 1026 around 10 p.m. on Friday, July 7th, where all were looking at a diverse array of prints: some very large, others poster-like in size, and even an interesting 3D sculpture. The artist was Cannonball Press, based out of Brooklyn, who were celebrating the opening of their first show in Philadelphia, “HANG ‘EM HIGH: A Caffeinated Exercise in Woodcutology.”

Cannonball Press is known for its black and white prints, its grungy subject matter (pirates, hillbillies, deer, porn stars) and its affordable price tag. Most of the art sold for just $20 a pop.

Cannonball Press
One of the larger woodcuts – Mike Houston in the foreground.

I spoke briefly with Martin Mazorra, who together with Mike Houston is one of Cannonball’s founders, regarding some of the methodology behind Woodcutology. Martin informed me that the 3D sculpture in the collection has a wooden structure, on which the designs are pasted. The woodcut prints are cut out of MDF board, which is especially apt for printmaking because of its uncommonly smooth and flat surface on one side.


Martin Mazorra making a tee-shirt print on Saturday, July 8th.
Photo courtesy of Libby.

The following Saturday, July 8th, the artists and gallery hosted a reception entitled “The Shirt Off ‘Yer Back.” You brought the shirt, they provided the print. Although I did not attend, you can see Libby’s flickr site for more about the Saturday reception, and visit Roberta’s and mine for more images from Friday night.

“Hang ‘Em High – A Caffeinated Exercise in Woodcutology” by Cannonball Press will be in Space 1026 until July 30th, 2006. Space 1026 is on 1026 Arch St. on the 2nd Floor.


-Caitlin Gutekunst is the artblog intern.