Take my art: two interventions on the street

I’ve always got a warm spot for people who drag their art out of the white box and try to shake things up on the street. Here are two local art shakers coming to a street corner near you:

Zoë Cohen wants you to listen, dammit

The Listening Station Project, from artist Zoë Cohen, is about to enter a second week, Aug. 14-18 at 40th and Walnut in West Philadelphia.

It is a public participatory art project conceived and presented in conjunction with the artist’s residency from July 2006 to January 2007 at the 40th Street Artist-in-Residence program, involving the installation of two Listening Stations at the south-east corner of 40th and Walnut Streets in West Philadelphia, next Monday through Friday, from 5-6 pm. Participants will be asked to fill out a simple chart after use of the Listening Station, and may be photographed or video-taped (no audio) with permission of the participants.

Participants are welcome to come with a person with whom they would like to use the listening station, or to come alone and use the station with the artist or with someone they have not met before.

Elizabeth Fiend: Anarchist lets you choose your own toppings!

In contrast to having to communicate for Cohen, all you have to do for self-described anarchist Elizabeth Fiend is eat soy yogurt parfait. She’s giving it away at Louis Kahn Park tomorrow (Thursday, 8/10), 11th and Pine St., 11 a.m.-2 p.m.

I’m trying to figure out how an anarchist can be sponsored by Yaris, Toyota. Ah well, a girl’s gotta eat, and so do you. (And Toyota needs to sell Yarises, I guess; I won’t even discuss the coopted hipster affect of the webpage). I’m figuring once the hungry find out about the parfaits, true anarchy will reign as they push and shove their way to the front of the line (100 freebies is not a lot).