Church tower on the bay redux


From the department of coincidences…

After I posted Marjorie Grigonis‘s lovely photos from her trip to the south of France and Barcelona I got an email from Caroline Furr, a mutual friend and Philadelphia artist who previously lived in Barcelona for many years. The email was brief. It said “a harmless past,” and it contained the image of a painting of a church with a tower that is the same church on the bay pictured in Marjorie’s photo from her post. As Caroline put it in her email, it’s “an older view of a favorite spot.” I just love this coincidental church going by friends memorialized lovingly in two different ways.

Caroline Furr
Caroline Furr’s 1989 painting of the church tower on the bay in the South of France.
church tower with frame
Marjorie Grigonis’s 2006 photo of the same church tower.

caroline furr, marjorie grigonis


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