Follow up: The Gross Clinic fiasco


The fiasco in a nutshell: Thomas Jefferson University will sell the crown jewel in Philadelphia’s art treasury, Thomas Eakins’ painting The Gross Clinic, in 39 days (counting down from 45) unless we can find a way to counter Mrs. WalMart’s offer of $68 Million. Here’s Libby’s and my suggestions for rounding up some dough. In addition, you can:

Express yourselves: You are always welcome to vent here in our comments. So bring it on.

Express yourselves 2: The good people at WHYY have set up a blog, The Sixth Square, so you can vent with them.

Express yourselves 3: In an article today in the Inqy Stephen Salisbury quotes PAFA faculty Patrick Connors saying there will be a rally Sunday between 10 am and 11 am in front of Jefferson’s Alumni Hall, 1000 block of Locust St.

That’s it for now.


the gross clinic, thomas eakins



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