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OK, so maybe I’ve spent too long with my head under the White Couch, but I just got an announcement from Jeffro Kilpatrick of the Philadelphia Cartoonists Society that’s taking place at a gallery I never heard of–art@sophi, a building at 1241 Carpenter St. in South Philly. Turns out 1241 is a rabbit warren of creativity–with another gallery I never heard of, the above-mentioned White Couch, also in the building; plus there’s a gallery, Factory 1241, run by local clothes designer, Monika Turtle (I did here of her and that she had a gallery, but I didn’t know the location). Seems to me I parked in South Philadelphia right nearby, because that logo of the little girl was nailed to a telephone pole near my car.

Here’s the info for the cartoonists event:

It’s the biggest show the Philadelphia Cartoonist Society has ever put together. Here is more info.


art at sophi, jeffro kilpatrick



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