Next Eakins event–act now!

Email from Patrick Connors

Once again, thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the Philadelphia regional arts community efforts to keep Eakins’ “The Gross Clinic” here in Philadelphia. To this end we are dedicated to making the general public aware of the magnitude of this masterpiece and how crucial that it remains here. Philadelphia continues to be a city with a long and noble tradition in being “an artist’s town.”
Let’s meet next week, Sunday 3rd December, at The Philadelphia Art Museum at the base of the stairs across from the Eakins Oval at 11 AM-Noon. Afterwards, go visit the museum, enjoy their fine collections, housed in that gorgeous building, including the Eakins Collection of paintings and sculptures.
For those of you who wish to make a donation please call: 215. 684. 7762. or via the Internet. (If you specify that your donation is a pledge the money will be return to you if the $68 million is not raised.) …

–Painter Patrick Connors is one of the organizers of the rallies to keep The Gross Clinic in Philadelphia