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Sad, oh sad

Thomas Eakins
Whose revenge? My book review of a great biography of Eakins.

Poor Thomas Eakins. Almost 100 years after his death and he still can’t get a break in his hometown. I am heart-sick that Thomas Jefferson University is selling the Gross Clinic the crown jewel of the Eakins’ ouervre, just to chase almighty dollars for some expansion. This city is so overbuilt with medical institutions you trip over doctors’ offices, clinics, hospitals and rehab centers on every block. Like we need more?

It’s just depressing and shocking that an institution supposedly humane in its outlook and mission would sell an image representing its heart — and certainly it represents the city as well — and not even try to first broker a deal with local institutions before running to Christies and the Wall Mart people.

And that the painting will go to the Wall Mart museum whose name, Crystal Bridges, sounds like it will be full of Thomas Kinkade paintings, is equally wounding.

Calling all guardian angels, sugar daddies and sugar mamas, it’s time to step up to the plate. We need this gem of our heritage — Eakins best painting for crying out loud!! — to remain here and not slink away to Arkansas.