Weekly Update 2 – Wrestling’s Smiling Face!

And in the Editor’s Choices in the Listings is my quick encounter with Ring of Honor wrestling. Into every life a little wrestling must fall. I was on assignment and while I’ll never be a sports writer I enjoyed my foray into another subculture that knows how to put on a show. Here’s the link and below is the copy.

Ring of Honor

Sat,. Nov. 4, 7:30pm. $15-$20. Pennsylvania National Guard Armory, 2700 Southampton Rd. 215.781.2500.

Mick Foley, smiling poster boy of Ring Of Honor wrestling

I visited “Real Smiles” at Gallery Joe the other day. The artist Gil Kerlin had Googled ordinary first names and looked at the images, selected the genuine smiles and put them on the walls. All the smiles are women’s smiles, since that’s most of what the artist found in this art research project. [See my post for more on Kerlin’s project.] But when researching Ring of Honor wrestling I found a lovely smiling man—Mick Foley—whose beard, mustache and long curly locks frame his smile, making him quite lovable. Lovable? Wrestling? Well, his was the only smiling face I found on the ROH site. And although he won’t grace the ring this time around, I’m wondering what it’s like to see Mick Foley and his nice smile clobber an opponent. I’ve never been to a wrestling match, but imagine the emotional roller coaster as we cheer Mick Foley on to victory and boo his opponent. I’m all for live events. They’re good for people watching. When I go to a Ring of Honor wrestling event some day, I’ll be scanning the audience, looking for the smiling faces. Real world experiences, even the audience kind, are better than the couch.