Weekly Update – Execution Re-execution at UArts

This week’s Weekly has my review of Ann-Marie LeQuesne’s After the Fact at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery. Here’s the link to the art page and below is the copy with some pictures.

Shooting Gallery
Ann-Marie LeQuesne and the execution of Emperor Maximilian.

Ann-Marie LeQuesne
Ann-Marie LeQuesne, Philadelphia re-enactment, The Execution of Emperor Maximilian

Ann-Marie LeQuesne is an impresario of reenactments. The London-based artist is all about that frisson of truth achieved through play-acting history. What’s different about LeQuesne—whose exhibit “After the Fact” opened last week at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery—is that she’s restaging not a famous moment in history but a famous moment as documented in a lying little photograph.

The historical moment in question is the execution of Emperor Ferdinand Maximilian Joseph in 1867 by a firing squad under orders of Mexican revolutionary Benito Juarez. (You may know of this incident because Eduard Manet made a famous painting of it.)

Ann-Marie LeQuesne“Ann-Marie LeQuesne: After the Fact”
Through Nov. 22. Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery, 333 S. Broad St. 215.717.6480.