Art in the Age vlog

The folks who brought you Black Floor Gallery (RIP) also do the wonderful Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction website with real commerce (buy some prints and t-shirts!) and real art commentary on their blog–and now artist interviews on their vlog. Among other things, AiA’s blog now has book/zine reviews courtesy of artist and long-time bibliophile (who knew?) Damian Weinkrantz.

Virgil Marti, left, interviewed by Annette Monnier, on Art in the Age’s new vlog.

As for the vlog, Art in the Age blogger and new Copy Gallery member Annette Monnier is hosting an interview video show. The first video interview is with Virgil Marti. Here. It’s a little long and a little static, guys (less sitting, more walking around and looking at stuff in the studio would be a welcome addition). But it’s juicy and great to see AiA pushing it. Can we now say we have a burgeoning online video art world in Philadelphia?


Speaking of which, you can see our video project LOOK! IT’S LIBBY AND ROBERTA on blip tv, philebrity tv and of course here on the blog. (I mention this because incredibly enough, many folks including gallery owners still don’t know we’re doing this. We are, and it’s fun!)