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March madness: ICA snow and Inliquid ice capades


No this is not a basketball post. But there are many good art events to choose from this weekend–in addition to the Photo Booth at Space 1026 on Saturday afternoon (see post) here are a couple events that sound like fun.

If you’re like me you’ve been back to ICA once or twice since the opening of Locally Localized Gravity, the show that keeps on giving, on a daily basis, as events and workshops and parties take place scheduled by the various collectives. OK, so you’re not like me. Maybe you haven’t even been to see LLG (and the other worthy ICA shows). Well this weekend you can correct all that by attending several events that sound just great. But watch out for Sunday because inLiquid’s got a Winterfest that competes and you may have to make a heavy decision about where to spend your time.

Amy Adams exhibit on the Black Floor stage, 11 am-5 pm. Here’s the cute release about the show.

According to the National Weather Service, a snow warning is in effect in Philadelphia for Saturday, March 17. The heaviest snowfall is forecast at the Institute of Contemporary Art with between 1 and 4 inches of accumulation. Snow is expected to begin at 2 pm and end around 5 pm. Refreshments will be served. Amy Adams is a local artist and the director of Vox Populi, an “alternative” not-for-profit and artist-run institution for the showing and support of the arts.

The release is a little too cute for its own good and doesn’t say what the show really is so I emailed Amy:

ROBERTA: are you doing a wall drawing like at your last Vox show? or do you not want to spill the beans…er, snow ahead of time? r

AMY: well…anticipation is desired…but it is a movie. I made it with Keith Wilkins. a

So there you have it. A movie made by Amy and Keith. I’m in.


The problem with Sunday is that you can’t be in two places at once.

Place one
Inliquid’s Winterfest IV at the Crane Arts Building
1400 N. American Street
1 – 6 pm.

Free admission! (food and drink available for $) Indoor/outdoor celebration featuring live bands, DJs, ice carving contest, “Cold Sake Chill Out,” food, libations, performance, and more! A benefit for InLiquid.

Place two
Slow Sunday at Black Floor at ICA

Track Stand competition at 2 pm. Bicycle messengers rock back and forth on their bikes trying to maintain balance and not fall off and not move forwards or backwards (too much) in space. Competitors with a bike get in free.

Sue Spaid’s “The Gold Fish Test” 11 am-5 pm. Research has it that animals lure museum visitors more than art does. Like they need research for that? Well, Sue Spaid, brainy art writer, curator, FOBF (friend of Black Floor) and teacher at Tyler, will carry out an experiment to further research in this important area. The pr blurb says Spaid will perform a survivor-like, 6-hour Powerpoint lecture!! For the sake of research I hope she brings along a live goldfish. Then again, you might consider the bicycle messengers on their bikes (performing while the lecture/experiment is going on) the goldfish/animal distraction. If so, she can skip the live goldfish. Although I will still be disappointed if there’s no fish in evidence. Promise a fish…deliver a fish is what I’m saying. : )